Inside/Outside Becker College

Welcome to Inside/Outside Becker College! The faculty and staff at Becker College provide professional expertise and dedication in helping the College and its students achieve excellence. They also have hobbies, interests, talents and passions outside of the College that provide them with personal fulfillment. Here you will find profiles that highlight our diverse staff by showcasing their wide range of interests.

  • Trina Baker

    Trina Baker

    Inside Becker College, Trina Baker is an adjunct instructor and former director of the Becker College Equestrian Center. She increased riding program enrollment; designed a community outreach program for at-risk Worcester students; developed a community riding program, Interscholastic Riding Team, and boarding program; designed programs that introduce grade school students to horse care and riding; and organized and managed the annual Becker College horse show.

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  • David Ellis

    David Ellis

    Inside Becker College, Senior Vice President David Ellis oversees the administration and financial operations of the College. He arrived at Becker with 34 years of experience working in higher education, including having served as president of Newbury College in Brookline for five years.

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  • Kevin Woods

    Kevin Woods

    Inside Becker, Kevin Woods is a professor of criminal justice and chair of the department of criminal justice and legal studies. He is also a First Year Advisor, serves on numerous committees and work groups, and chairs the Faculty Senate. In 2012, he received the President’s Award from President Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D., for consistently serving as an example of Becker’s core values.

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