Happy Summer! Becker College will be closed on Fridays, beginning June 22 until August 10.

Student Responsibility

While Becker College faculty and staff members will give you advice and assistance, you are responsible for your own decisions, education, and personal development.

You are expected to

  • Schedule advising appointments each semester and come with questions
  • Read emails from the CCEA and your advisors
  • Learn the requirements of the majors you are interested in, understand application requirements, and execute those applications
  • Understand your core curriculum requirements and monitor your progress to ensure timely advancement toward a degree
  • Know and abide by the academic and disciplinary policies given in the undergraduate catalog and in the general information catalog

Communication with Parents

Your academic records are private and protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Your parents and other third parties do not have access to your academic records, and your advisor cannot discuss details of your records without your permission. If your parents contact your advisor, your advisor will direct your parents to communicate with you directly concerning academic issues. You must assume responsibility for your education and any transactions with Becker College.