Sophomore Shadow Program

What is it? The Sophomore Shadow Program is a program sponsored by the Center for Career Education and Advising, Sophomore Year Experience and Alumni Office that matches Sophomores with Industry professionals for a one day/half day program during winter break or over the summer.


This program is only for Becker College Sophomores.
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Purpose: The purpose of the program is to assist students with understanding and observing the real world of work, provide exposure to an industry and the day to day operations.

When does it run? December 14th, 2015 through January 16th, 2016.

Who is eligible? All sophomores with a 2.8 GPA or higher are eligible to apply to the program.

How are students selected? Students are selected based upon the following criteria:
Submitted and approved resume through the Connector Completed application
Attendance at an orientation meeting
Ability for Career Services to find an appropriate match*

* The Center will make every effort to make a match between students who are accepted into the program and a shadow sponsor. If a suitable match cannot be found the Center for Career Education and Advising will work to find another time (spring break, summer) when a Shadow visit can occur. 

How does a student prepare for the visit? Students should research the employer and write down questions about the industry, and daily work that takes place. Student should have their Elevator Speech prepared and be able to speak about their interests, strengths and career plans.

What happens at a shadow visit? After the student receives the contact information for the Shadow employer an email exchange will take place (student initiated) to decide on a mutual time and date and location for the visit.  Some of the activities that might happen at a shadow day include; a tour of the department or organization, an informational interview, attendance at a staff meeting, a “show-and-tell” regarding projects sponsors are working on, information about professional activities related to your field.

After the visit: The student is expected to send a thank you note to the Shadow Sponsor and complete a written reflection of the program (details will be sent to the student).

Interested in becoming a Sponsor? Take a look at our Sponsors Guide under the Employers section.

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