Put simply, networking is connecting with people to gather information. We all do this every day in various forms. As you connect with more people, you are also building your network. Your network is everyone you know, and your resources. The Center for Career Education and Advising, your instructors, friends, family, supervisors, advisors, etc. are all in your network. Utilizing your network is a great way to find out about potential opportunities.

Many available jobs are not advertised, some estimate up to 80% go unadvertised. This means employers often rely on current employee networks when hiring new candidates. Networking can be done through a variety of forums including: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, events, conferences, over the phone, etc.  See the handouts and samples below for more information on Networking.

Networking Tips


Linkedin Profile Checklist

The Job Search Announcement

Networking Letter Sample

  • Becker Connector

    Becker Connector

    Where the Becker community connects to opportunities posted by employers. After completing a profile, Becker students and alumni can search and apply for job/internship opportunities posted by employers who invite Becker candidates. Qualified employers may register and post a profile, opportunities, and more. There is no cost to candidates or employers.

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  • FOCUS 2

    FOCUS 2

    Self-assessments help you to get know yourself and your interests. If you have a better idea of your skills and interests, choosing a satisfying and suitable career path is easier. Use Focus 2 throughout your college years. Focus 2 can be used in different ways throughout all stages of your education and career planning according to your own personal needs.

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  • CareerShift


    CareerShift’s set of tools and applications provide a very unique opportunity to job hunters. While other web services provides bits and pieces of the job hunt process, only CareerShift provides an easy-to-use approach for bringing all these parts together to crack the “hidden job market” and for managing the job hunt all in one place

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