Happy Summer! Becker College will be closed on Fridays, beginning June 22 until August 10.

Information for Employers

Becker College accepts postings from employers who are in accordance with our Mission and Core Values. We reserve the right to refuse an employer account or job posting from any company, organization, or entity who college officials deem as not a match. View our Vision and Mission.


Create Account and/or Existing Employers

  • Employers: Handshake is now up running. Those employers previously linked to the Becker Connector were sent an invitation to join Handshake. If you are current or new employer partner, please join Handshake.

Approval Process:

For legal, professional, and safety reasons, Becker College can only accept job or internship posting requests from organizations that fit certain legal and structural standards.  These standards include, but are not limited to: legally recognized employers.  Generally this means a business, nonprofit organization, or government agency that holds a federal tax ID and employer ID number. We do not require proof of an organization's status. However, we might ask for documentation if there is minimal public information available.