Becker College has recently transitioned from the Becker Connector to Handshake, a contemporary career development platform.

Handshake logo chair

Employers: Handshake is now up running. Those employers previously linked to the Becker Connector were sent an invitation to join Handshake. If you are current or new employer partner, please join Handshake.

Students: Once the employers are established, current students will be automatically uploaded to the new Handshake system. This transition should take place during the week of July 24, 2017. You will use your Becker College credentials (email and password) to sign-in. Through Handshake, you will have the ability to find on campus Federal Work Study Jobs, Non-Work Study Jobs, Internships, and Externships. You will be able to upload a resume for review and then work with our team to create the perfect resume for the job you always wanted. Access Handshake.

Alumni: After August 1, 2017, Handshake will be ready for you to join. You will use a non-Becker email to join and once approved, Handshake will allow you to search for jobs around the country. Please join Handshake.

Becker College accepts postings from employers who are in accordance with our Mission and Core Values. We reserve the right to refuse an employer account or job posting from any company, organization, or entity who college officials deem as not a match. View our Vision and Mission.

Learn more about Handshake below: