Faculty & Staff Inquiries

To reach the goal of educating students about career development, the Center for Career Education and Advising will partner with faculty to ensure students are getting what they need. Faculty, staff, and advisors are encouraged to refer students to the CCEA with any career- related questions. Additionally, the Center for Career Education supports collaborations with the other departments, student organizations, and outside organizations for any career-related events. For more information about working together, please call (508.373.9545) or e-mail to set up an appointment.

Allow us to introduce ourselves

In an effort to expand outreach to students, we would like to request a few moments of your class time to provide a brief introduction to the Career Center and discuss provided services. We only ask for five minutes of your time. If interested, please provide the details of your meeting location and the best time to make an appearance.  Please call (508.373.9545) or e-mail.

Don’t Cancel that Class!

Feeling under the weather?
-Stuck in traffic?
-Have a last minute obligation come up?

Worry not, for the Center for Career Education is at your service! Email or call the Career Center [ccea@becker.edu Direct Line:  508.373.9545] with the details of your class time and location, and if we’re available, we’ll fill in. Students could benefit from a variety of Career Education topics including: resume review, cover letter writing, personal branding, interview skills, ePortfolio’s, etc.


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