How to Report a Crime

Contact the Becker College Police Department at 508.373.9555, 24 hours a day, by dialing 911 (emergency only), or by using any on-campus telephone by dialing ext. 9555, to report any suspicious activity or person in parking lots, around vehicles, inside buildings, or around residential halls. In addition, you may report a past crime to the following individuals:


Vice President of Student Affairs 774.354.0460
Director of Counseling 508.373.9544
Associate Director of Counseling 774.354.0466
Director of Student Affairs 774.354.0462
Assistant Director of Residence Life and Housing 508.373.9542
Director of Athletics 774.354.0481
Associate Vice President of Human Resources 508.373.9455
Director of Health Sciences 774.354.0464

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