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Emergency Notification Policy

Information regarding crimes that are committed off campus, but which may be relevant to the safety of the campus, is reported to the Worcester and/or Leicester Police Departments. A formal arrangement between the Becker College Police Department and the Worcester and Leicester Police Departments to exchange information regarding known criminal activity allows for the timely notification of potential danger to the College community. The Becker College Police Department also maintains a close working relationship with both the Worcester and Leicester Police Departments.

Becker College has additionally contracted with a third-party vendor, Blackboard Connect, to assist with mass emergency notification. In the event of a significant emergency or dangerous situation on campus involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or staff, which is confirmed by the Becker College Police Department or any other municipal or state law enforcement agency, the College’s emergency notification program will be used. This system employs voice, email, and text messaging to broadcast pertinent information and, when appropriate, to provide directions to those in the affected area(s).

Communication will be made to all contacts provided by each Becker College community member (i.e., cellular phone, home phone, email, etc.) through our opt-in program. These contacts are entered from information provided to the College by each person. Students, staff, and faculty are advised of this option during educational programming, admissions events, campus visits, and written communication provided to the community at the beginning of each semester. The option is always available to every member of the community through a sign-up list maintained at the Becker College Police Department on each campus.

This service allows members of the Becker College community to receive time-sensitive information in an expeditious and direct manner. Becker College has created a policy defining when the mass notification system will be used and tests the system on a semester basis, or twice annually. How to sign up/update information.

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