Happy Summer! Becker College will be closed on Fridays, beginning June 22 until August 10.

Letter from the Chief

The safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff have always been paramount at Becker College. Our goal is to provide all members of the College community with a secure environment in which to learn, live, and work.

Issues on college campuses are more complex today than they have ever been, increasing the demand for professional, highly trained college police officers. College police have the sworn duty to directly apply and execute the law, rules, and regulations fairly and objectively for the benefit of the entire college community.

We are committed to providing community-oriented professional police services, protecting constitutional rights, resolving problems, and making continuous improvements to safeguard the Becker College community. It is of paramount importance to secure the confidence, respect, and support of the entire College community. To accomplish this, we ensure that the actions of the College police are reflected in intelligent, sincere, efficient, and courteous service.

Maintaining a safe environment on our two campuses requires the continuing support of all members of the Becker College community. Our residence halls and the close interaction among students, staff, and faculty provide a unique security support system.

We encourage you to read these pages carefully and to use the information to help foster a safe environment for yourself and for others at Becker College. If you are a student, remember that it is your responsibility to read the Becker College Student Handbook, which outlines the College’s disciplinary procedures.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please feel free to contact me.


David J. Bousquet
Becker College Campus Police Chief