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Opening Your Mailbox

How to Open Your Mailbox

  1. Turn the dial counter-clockwise three times to reset the lock.
  2. Stop on the first number of your lock combination.
  3. Turn the dial clockwise, passing your first number once, and then stop on the second number of your lock combination.
  4. Turn the dial counter-clockwise once, and stop on the last number of your lock combination.
  5. After you stop on the last number, turn the dial clockwise. You should feel some resistance in the dial, but keep turning the dial while pulling the door open.

Package Notices

Items that are too large to fit into a campus mailbox will be held in the mail room. The recipient’s name will be posted on a bulletin board outside the mail room area, along with the date the package came in and the number of packages. For overnight deliveries or perishables, recipients are contacted by phone.

For questions or concerns, please contact Chad “Austin” Sabo at or 508.373.9461.

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