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Three-Year Strategic Plan

3 year strategic plan


A Message from President Crimmin

“Planning ahead is critical to our continued success. The world is rapidly changing, and it is imperative that institutions of higher education adapt with agility into the future and are capable of rising to new challenges.”

Nancy Crimmins President Becker CollegeIn May 2017, I asked the Becker College community to help the College create a formal institutional strategic plan. Through open, engaging meetings with faculty, staff, and students, our community worked together to help shape a new vision and mission for the College that will drive Becker’s institutional strategic plan. The process of developing our strategic plan embraced transparency by soliciting appropriate input from members of the community: extensive on-campus discussion among faculty, staff, and students, as well as valuable input from trustees and alumni.

Our teams worked tirelessly on this initiative, and I am pleased to present the result of that effort: “Focused on the Future: The Becker College Three-Year Strategic Plan, 2019-2021.”Strategic Plan Icon

We start from a position of strength. With careful and thoughtful planning and a dedicated faculty and staff, Becker College has experienced transformational change in academic programs and student engagement, and has garnered national and international recognition. This Plan outlines how we expect to fulfill our mission, advance towards our vision, maximize our resources, guide our decision-making and actions, and make Becker College even stronger. The initiatives detailed in this Plan underscore three major goals:

  • Improve Academic & Student Success
  • Strengthen Enrollment
  • Enhance Brand, Culture & Resource Development

I am proud of the Plan our community created, and look forward to the results of our collective work.

Nancy P. Crimmin, Ed.D.

Becker College Vision, Mission, and Core Values


Becker College will become nationally recognized as an innovative, creative institution renowned for its focus on delivering to the world highly educated students with the ability and agile mindset to be entrepreneurial, socially responsible global citizens who are able to navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing world.


Becker College provides transformative learning experiences in a socially responsible, inclusive community—anchored by its Core Values—which promotes academic excellence, inspires innovation and entrepreneurship, fosters an agile mindset, and prepares graduates to contribute to a global society that is increasingly focused on change.

Core Values:

Community and Diversity
Social Responsibility
Creative Expression


Focused on the Future: The Becker College Three-Year Strategic Plan


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