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Office of the President


March 2, 2021

A Statement from Becker College President Nancy P. Crimmin, Ed.D.

Today, the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education and the New England Commission of Higher Education are releasing a statement (see below) regarding the financial situation at Becker College. To those of you within our campus community, this should not be entirely new information. Since the negotiations with a potential affiliation partner ended in January, I, along with cabinet members and appropriate staff, have been working to further analyze the financials, and to develop numerous scenarios regarding our operations. The situation has been dynamic.

For now, I have asked the Office of Admissions and the School of Graduate & Professional Studies to stop all recruiting activities until we have a more definitive direction; pre-registration will continue. As we have been balancing the ongoing educational responsibilities of day-to-day life here on campus, we have also been working with the Board of Trustees on how to continue operations with such financial challenges. While we have been collaborating closely with the Board, the ultimate resolution rests with them, and any decisions they make will prioritize the needs of our students.

We are all working in cooperation with the Department of Higher Education to create a situation that works best for all involved and, most importantly, for our students. We anticipate additional information will be available soon, at which time we will share a more detailed plan.


Nancy P. Crimmin, Ed.D.



Statement from the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education and New England Commission of Higher Education
March 2, 2021

Owing in large part to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Becker College’s financial situation has become sufficiently uncertain such that the Department of Higher Education (Department) believes that the institution is unlikely to sustain full operations through the next academic year. The Becker College Board of Trustees has been meeting regularly to explore all reasonable options and determine how best they can leverage all available resources to help support a plan that prioritizes the best interests of students, faculty, and staff.

As the Becker College Board of Trustees considers options for the future of the institution, the Department is working closely with the college to engage in contingency closure planning, in the event the institution decides not to sustain operations at or near current levels for the next academic year, and to ensure students will have opportunities to transfer to other institutions of higher education with minimal disruption to their education. We look forward to working in partnership with the College’s Board of Trustees, the President and her leadership team to pursue opportunities where the Department can provide resources and expertise, aimed at both organizations’ strong and mutual commitment to ensure students receive the benefits of completing their education in a timely manner. The New England Commission of Higher Education has been in regular contact and conversation with Becker College, and is offering its assistance where appropriate.

Statement from Becker College

“As stewards of Becker College, the Board of Trustees has been working to examine a number of challenges facing higher education, including the decline of college-age students, the increased cost of providing a high-quality education and, most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic. We have been undergoing a thoughtful process of evaluating the impact of these forces on our College and considering every option. We are aligned with the Department of Higher Education in our shared commitment to address the needs of students and families first, while always mindful of our duty to our campus community and our neighbors,” said Becker College Board Chair Christine L. Cassidy.


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