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General Timeline for Task Force Activities

Spring 2012

Consider the key issues and trends in internationalization, identify and research models and best practices in internationalization that would be most applicable to and practicable for Becker College, and finalize Global Citizenship definition as it pertains to Becker and its student experience. Within this context, also define the three pillars of Global Citizenship: academic excellence, social responsibility, and creative expression.

April 2012: Survey and Inventory

Administer survey and inventory to better understand what we are currently doing that fits under the rubric of Global Citizenship as defined.

  • Survey faculty, staff, and students to gather baseline date about attitudes/preferences pursuant to GC/internationalization.
  • Perform a college-wide inventory of activities, programs, and initiatives that occurred over past two years that support Global Citizenship as defined.
  • Solicit ideas from the College community and begin to incorporate Global Citizenship initiatives that support the three pillars, and build into curriculum, programs, and activities, as applicable.

May 2012

Build goals for Global Citizenship for Academic Year 2012-13.

Summer 2012

Engage faculty, staff, and students and challenge them to create an environment that will allow Global Citizenship to become a key element of the Becker student experience and a graduate attribute.

Fall 2012 forward

Over the next year and a half, develop a global engagement strategy with model and implementation plan for Global Citizenship at Becker (with metrics, timetable, costs, external funding opportunities, etc.).

This may include participation in the tenth cohort of the ACE Internationalization Laboratory.

If you have questions about Global Citizenship, or seek additional information, please contact:

Anne Sroka
508.831.7505 (fax)