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Since arriving at Becker, President Johnson challenged the College community to educate students who can compete in a global society by instilling within the Becker College experience the three pillars of Global Citizenship: academic excellence, social responsibility, and creative expression.

In the Fall of 2011, Becker successfully delineated its College vision, mission, and core values—an essential antecedent to establishing an agenda for Global Citizenship at Becker.  Conversations were held throughout the College to gather input and ideas about what Global Citizenship means for Becker and its student experience.

Since then, the College’s Global Citizenship initiative has:

  • Examined key issues and trends in global higher education, identifying models and best practices in higher education that would be most applicable to and practicable for us (April ‘12).
  • Formed a short-term Global Citizenship Task Force to advance this agenda. (April ‘12). Task Force members served on a formative task force until fall.
  • Administered a Global Citizenship survey to faculty, staff, students, and alumni (April ‘12).
  • Built the Global Citizenship webpage, Facebook page, and Intranet site (May ’12).
  • Reported survey results to the Task Force (May ’12).
  • Established short-term goals (May ‘12).
  • Global Citizenship was established as a College FY 2013 Strategic Goal: “Goal 4—Integrate Global Citizenship into the Becker Experience” (June ’12).
  • Launched the I-Lab Team (August ’12).
  • Attended ACE’s Internationalization Lab Launch Seminar – Washington, DC (August ’12).
  • Crafted a Global Citizenship definition and graduate attribute statement (August ’12).
  • Had a site visit by Barbara Hill, Senior Associate for Internationalization at ACE (September ’12).
  • Developed Student Learning Outcomes – Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes (October ’12).
  • Completed an Internationalization Review (December ’12).
  • Conducted an inventory of Becker’s existing Global Citizenship partners and affiliations, and identified potential new strategic partners – global and local (December ’12).
  • Reviewed data from spring ’12 globalization survey to assess campus knowledge of globalization and readiness (December ’12).
  • Created a Communications Matrix and strategy to coordinate information and mechanism to disseminate via BEN Intranet (December ’12).
  • Mapped both curricular and co-curricular activities to each of the Student Learning Outcomes (January ’12).
  • Identifying and evaluating current efforts towards internationalization and outreach to international alumni (January ’13).
  • Identified the relationship between multiculturalism and internationalization on campus (January ’13).
  • Mapped Becker’s goals for Global Citizenship against the College’s overall goals for 2013 (January ’13).
  • Determining international student interest in Becker. Identifying barrier and opportunities for recruiting and retaining international students (January ’13).
  • Finalizing model for mandatory cultural points/badging program (February ’13).
  • Attended ACE Lab Workshop – Washington, DC (February ’13).

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