BE WELL @ BECKER is a campus-wide initiative that serves as a visible and credible resource for campus health and wellness and works to define, create, and promote health and wellness programs and initiatives that are relevant to and have a sustainable impact on the Becker community—and beyond.

BE WELL @ BECKER is overseen by a Health and Wellness Task Force, made up of members of the Becker community. Its purposes are to:

  • Explore and create opportunities to improve the health and wellness of students and employees.
  • Build awareness about and support for all aspects of healthy living for the College community.
  • Study potential health risks to our campus community and create strategies to help minimize those risks.
  • Create programming that supports optimal physical, emotional, and environmental health.
  • Promote awareness around disease prevention and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Work with other community-based health organizations to forge collaborations and partnerships.

The BE WELL @ BECKER Health and Wellness Task Force was formed in 2012 and includes representatives from student affairs, human resources, dining services, campus recreation, faculty, and marketing and strategic communications. View our vision and mission statements.