College Founders

Leicester Academy

Ebenezer Crafts

Yale graduate, builder, and original owner of the Publick House in Sturbridge, Mass., and Minute Man are among the many roles  of Ebenezer Crafts, one of the co-founders of Leicester Academy. Read more.

Jacob Davis

Born in Oxford, Massachusetts, Jacob Davis was the third child and son of Edward Davis and Abigail Learned.  Like his future associate Ebenezer Crafts, with whom he co-founded Leicester Academy, Davis believed wholeheartedly in the far-reaching value of education. Read more.

Aaron Lopez

Aaron Lopez, born Duarte Lopez in Lisbon, Portugal, traveled to America and became a wealthy merchant in Newport, R.I. The British blockade of Newport, which began in the fall of 1775, forced Lopez to move his business up the coast to Portsmouth, then to Providence, and yet again to Boston. Finally, he moved inland, to the peace and security of Leicester, Massachusetts.  There Lopez built what inhabitants of the village considered a mansion on the north side of the Town Common. Read more.

Becker College

E.C.A. Becker

The “E. C. A.” stood for Edward Carl Anton, but Becker preferred using just the initials of his first and middle names.  A native Midwesterner, Becker was born in the small city of Peoria, Illinois. Becker moved east, first to Pennsylvania and, in 1883, to Worcester, where he became a teacher of, among other subjects, business penmanship at Hinman’s Business College, located at 424 Main Street. Within four years of his arrival at Worcester, Becker established his own business school, using again the name Becker’s Business College. Read more.