Becker College, Through the Years

Did you know…One individual at Becker College provided valuable communication with those who were serving during World War II at home and abroad? In the early spring of 1943, Mrs. Charlivine B. Davis, an instructor of shorthand at Becker College, launched a way to keep in touch with her students who had enlisted after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. She began assembling news she received from them into letters she called “Roundup,” which were mailed approximately every three weeks to 500 Becker men and women in uniform… Read more

Did you know…in November 1936, freshmen challenged seniors to a rematch rope pull—and won? According to the 1937 Beckerlogue yearbook, the freshmen were “heated up to the argument point by their upset during initiation week.” The rematch took place at Clark University Pond, where the story unfolded: “The day was cold and there almost seemed to be a thin coating of ice on the Pond but the battle went on. It attracted considerable attention from the public and quite a crowd gathered to see the Seniors go to defeat, taking the punishment—a wade through the pond with clothes and all taking a ducking….No colds developed, and all was well.”

Did you know…the Alumni Association offered Alumni “insurance” information in the Class of 1964 yearbook? The one-page “policy” identified graduates as beneficiaries and included the clause: “As Beneficiary of the name Becker College, any improvement in its public image will increase the importance of your words when you say, ‘I am a graduate of Becker College.’”

Did you know…publication of the Becker Junior College 1979 yearbook was called “the first joint effort of the Worcester and Leicester campuses?” Building from the slogan, “Becker Junior College: One College, Two Campuses,” the yearbook was dedicated to “Unity—Unity between the two campuses. While maintaining the uniqueness and individuality of each campus, we have benefited from each other. Each campus enriches the other. Separate we are incomplete. Together we are whole.”

Did you know…During the 1938-39 academic year, The Becker Journal won second prize among papers of its classification in America—and also placed first in the business field for its editorials? The newspaper was published biweekly by the commercial journalism department and was a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. According to the 1939 Beckerlogue yearbook, its purpose was “to print articles of top interest to students, to show pictures of important school interests, and above all to keep the paper up to a strict journalistic standard.”

Did you know…Students at Leicester Junior College participated in activities that catered to a wide range of interests? In addition to athletics programs that included soccer, basketball, wrestling, and tennis, the 1965 Weathervane yearbook highlighted such student organizations as the Newman Club, Student Christian Union, Social Committee, Activities Budget Committee, Hillel Society, Outing Club, Ski Club, Science Club, International Relations Club, Bowling Club, Debating Club, Political Affairs Club, and the Sports Car Club.