Frequently Asked Questions

As a new resident of Becker College, you may have questions regarding a variety of issues.  We have attempted to answer some of those questions; but if you don't find an answer to your specific question here please email us at or call the Residence Life and Student Conduct office at 508-373-9740

What is the security of the residence halls?

All residence halls are locked 24/7. Students gain access to their hall using their electronic fob. Becker College police are available 24/7 and patrols both the campuses throughout the day. Becker College Campus Police have a strong relationship with local police departments. Worcester police frequently patrol the Worcester Campus.

What are quiet hours?

Quiet Hours are from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., Sunday to Thursday, and from 1:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., Friday and Saturday. Courtesy Hours are all hours outside of the posted quiet hours. Residents are expected to be considerate to their neighbors during all hours of the day.

Can I request a roommate?

Students may request a roommate, but they must request each other on the online housing application in order to be considered. We do our best to accommodate such requests; however, it is not guaranteed that you will be placed with the person/people you request.

If I do not like my room or roommate, can I change my room?

If there is a problem between roommates or the room a student is in, please contact the Resident Assistant (RA) or Area Coordinator (AC)-for that particular hall. Students are not allowed to change rooms during the first two weeks of the semester. If space is available after the first two weeks of classes, students may be given the option to change rooms.

If I have a medical condition, can I request to be placed in specific housing?

There are limited housing options for incoming students who need accommodations.  We will try to honor these requests to the best of our ability. All housing accommodation forms for incoming students are due to the Office of Residence Life and Student Conduct no later than July 1, 2014. The New Student Request for Housing Accommodations form is located on the Residence Life page on the Becker College website.

Does the College supply cleaning supplies and toilet paper? Who is responsible for cleaning bathrooms?

The College's housekeeping staff provides toilet paper, but not cleaning supplies. Housekeeping will clean all community bathrooms unless students have a bathroom inside of their room.  In such instances, students are responsible for cleaning their bathroom.

How can I decorate my room?

You are encouraged to decorate your room with posters and pictures to make your room feel more like your home. However, nails, tacks, or duct tape cannot be used, and damage to walls will be billed to the residents.

Can I bring aquatic pets?

There are no pets of any kind allowed in the residence halls, including fish and other aquatic pets.

What are the dimensions of my room?

Because many of our residence halls are renovated Victorian-style homes, there is no standard room size. If you wish to purchase a room area rug before move-in, please keep the receipt in case it does not fit the room and you need to return it. Both the Worcester and Leicester Campuses are located near major department stores should you wish to purchase additional items after your arrival on campus.

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