Welcome to SGA 2015-2016 Candidate Bios!

Candidates for SGA are given the option to provide a photo and a brief statement on themselves and their candidacy – take a look below to see what they have to say!


Kristi DeYoung
Kristi Deyoung SGA Pres
I am currently a junior in the Pre-veterinary and Biology programs and I think that I have the leadership skills that it takes to make Becker College a better place. I want what is best for the current students and future students at Becker College. If elected Student body President I plan to make Becker a more sustainable and environmentally friendly college, advocate for student needs, send out surveys monthly to see what changes students want to see at Becker College, and I also plan to work closely with faculty and administration to find ways to help improve any problems that students may face. I hope to start many new things at Becker that will overall make the college a better place for everyone. If I am elected, your thoughts and ideas will be heard and I will make sure that WE ARE THE CHANGE!!!

Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter SGA Pres
As current Vice President of Worcester, a Resident Assistant, Student Ambassador, IGDA Treasurer, former Orientation Leader and volunteer for the Food Recovery Network, I know that as your future Student Body President, I can represent you in the best way possible. Making sure that students needs are being heard and met here at Becker will be my mission.




Kerry Saltvick
Kerry Saltvick VP W
Hello my name is Kerry Saltvick and I'm a rising senior at Becker College. I am currently away on Study Abroad in Tokyo for the Spring 2015 semester, and will return in the fall. With your help I would like to become the Vice President of the Worcester campus!

Why Kerry?
Because I have dedicated myself throughout all of my years at Becker to the greater good of the student body and the college. I served as Sophomore Class President during the 2013-2014 academic year. I challenged SGA to look into safety, recycling measures, and advocated for Becker College to purchase the Worcester Tennis Courts to use for the best interest of the students. I have placed myself in many leadership roles and offices from Peer Mentoring, to SGA, B.L.U.E. Crew and Athletics, and more.

What are you going to do?
My time in Tokyo has not been a waste. I will be coming back to Becker with first hand knowledge how people from the rest of the world stand. I want to better Becker by using this experience and help shape us for the Global initiatives and help Becker compete on a global scale. Please follow my blog o the Becker website's study abroad blog!


Ashley Peterson
Ashley Peterson Treasurer
I, Ashley Peterson, am willing to put forth my best effort to be a member of the student government for another year. I love to help people and enjoyed being on SGA this year and look forward to continuing my journey. I will serve the students of becker with the utmost respect and listen to their concerns. Thank you!


Roy Trivellin
Roy Trivellin Exec Sec
I feel that my skills will be perfect for the job as executive secretary. I am very orderly and neat, so keeping track of attendance and meetings are somethings that I would be able to be held responsible for. I would very much enjoy the role of keeping the committee organized, and situated in all aspects.








Randal Minogue
Randall Minogue 2017 Pres
I am Randall Minogue from North Kingstown, Rhode Island. I am on the baseball team and am a member of Student Athletics Advisory Committee (SAAC). I work almost all sporting events and am always supporting my fellow classmates. I am looking to help make Becker more enjoyable and overall better by running for Class President. I have great ideas that will benefit everyone. I will do my best to make the changes and make Becker a school that you enjoy going to.




Mac Howey
Mac Howey
Mac Howey is a member of the Becker class of 2018. Mac holds a 4.0 GPA and is a business major. He is a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society and also plays hockey for the Becker Ice Hawks. Friendly, personable, and an intellect, Mac is striving to make Becker the best experience possible for his peers. If elected, Mac will get the 2018 Becker class more uniform through various fun activities, bridging the gap between the diversity of students. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve as your 2018 Class President.

Magdalena Villemont
Maggie Villemont 2018 Pres
Hello! My name is Magdalena Villemont and I am running for the position of President of the Class of 2018. This will be my second time running. I ran, and am running again, for this position because it is important to me the well-being and the integrating of the Class of 2018. I have high hopes and many ideas to bring together both campuses and to create an air of community between all students, both in this class as well as peers in different years. During the Fall semester things were a little slow because of logistical reasons. But this Spring semester there are many things to come and many ideas to build upon. I hope to be re-elected so that I can continue to help and to further these amazing ideas and work to bring the Class of 2018 together.Thank you!


Emily Ryan
Emily Ryan 2018 VP
My name is Emily Ryan, and I am a freshman this semester. I am a game programming major. I love to code, write, sing, play video games and meet new faces. Community means a lot to me and that's one of the things I love about of school. I know so many people here it, and have made so many new friends that I know I'll keep close to me for a very long time. I also love doing volunteer work, teaching others that don't understand something, getting involved on campusand doing whatever I can to help to our school. I was in SGA this previous year, as the vice president of the class 2018, and I must say thank you all for all of your support throughout this year. Everyone stay warm!

Samantha Snyder
Sam Snyder 2018 VP
I am currently a freshman here at Becker majoring in Pre-Veterinary Medicine, and will be a sophomore in the fall semester of 2015. I’m from Wilson, Pennsylvania; a small town in Eastern PA. During my fall semester I joined the field hockey team and lambing team; during the spring semester, I have joined Blue Crew I and have made it into the Alpha Lambda Honor Society. For my fall semester as a sophomore I have applied to be a Resident Assistant, Peer Mentor, and part of Campus Activities Board. I hope to make a difference in the Becker College community, which is why I am taking part in many clubs and other organizations. Student Government Association is the next organization I hope to partake in. 

As the next SGA Sophomore Class Vice President, I plan on communicating ideas effectively and in a timely manner between students here at Becker with the rest of the SGA members. I want students to feel comfortable talking to me about any issues they feel need addressing to; I want them to feel confident that I will do my best to help make their college experience here at Becker the best it can be. I plan on making a difference for everyone by contributing my time and ideas to new and old projects that are being thought of and worked on. I am excited to contribute my time to help improve Becker for the student body and gain experience as a leader.

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