Welcome to SGA 2014-2015 Candidate Bios!

Candidates for SGA are given the option to provide a brief statement on themselves and their candidacy – take a look below to see what they have to say!


Allyson Blasioli
Major: Bachelor of Veterinary Science with a Pre-Veterinary Concentration
Clubs/Activities: SGA Parliamentarian, Campus Activities Board, Worcester Thursday Night Live Chair
Hello Everyone!
My name is Allyson Blasioli, I am currently a Junior here at Becker and will be a Senior in the fall. I am from Pittsfield Massachusetts; a small town in Western Mass. I came to Becker straight from high school, not having much of an opportunity to develop my own identity. After freshman year and getting used to the college life, I decided it was time to get involved in my college community. I decided to join the Campus Activities Board (CAB) because I wanted to get involved in planning the events we have on campus. This really allowed me to express my creative side and develop some leadership skills.
Student Government Association was my next organization to join. I really wanted to get involved with the school other than planning the events. I wanted to know more. It was a perfect fit. Being on SGA allowed me to meet other students with the same interests, as well as faculty from all levels of the Becker Community.
If I become the next SGA President, my focus will be on the students. We as SGA are dedicated to being the voice for our fellow classmates. I want students to feel comfortable enough to address me in person if they have a concern or problem they feel SGA should know about. If elected, I plan on continuing and finishing the projects we are currently working on as well as taking student concerns and input to make the Becker College Community that much better and that much more enjoyable for all. I look forward to having the opportunity to lead the group and to add to me leadership skills.

David Cordeiro
Major: Game Development with a minor in Psychology
Clubs/Activities: SGA Student Affairs VP, WSGA Delegate, B.L.U.E Crew I, Head Tour Guide, Presidential Ambassador, Student Orientation Leader, Gateway Mentor, Becker Gaming Tournaments President, Resident Assistant

My role in the student government has been primarily to tirelessly advocate for the interests of my fellow students. I’ve advocated for better internet connections including the resurrection of a wired network, weekend Hawk’s Nest hours, getting staplers and 3 hole punches near the printers, and schedules outside the computer labs of when classes are in attendance.

Other than my advocacy work I represent Becker College in the Worcester Student Government. One of my main goals is to make Worcester a better place for college students. My current project in the WSGA is working on the public transportation system, making it friendlier to the needs of college students.

Rich Metellus
Major: Exercise Science with minor in Business
Clubs/Activities: SGA Junior Class President, B.L.U.E Crew I and II, FYCA, Presidential Ambassador, Student Orientation Leader

I am running for the office of Student Government President because I have deep abiding interest in serving the students of Becker College. As a student leader in many different organizations, I believe that I possess the leadership skills needed in order to represent the Becker College student body. I want to strengthen the Student Government Association’s (SGA) performance on addressing the concerns of the Becker College student body.  As a candidate for SGA president, I am devoted to effectively fulfilling the commitment of the office of the SGA president. This commitment includes forging a strong line of communication between the Becker student body and the administration in order to improve the student experience. To guide this improvement, I will use my experience as SGA Junior Class President,  B.L.U.E. Crew I and II graduate , Presidential Ambassador, Student Orientation Leader, First Year Course Assistant as the foundation upon which I will serve the students of Becker College. I believe, should I have the privilege of being elected president that I will be the strong executive leader that Becker students deserve. I will be an approachable leader who will listen to the needs of the student body from both campuses. I would be honored to serve my final year at Becker College in this role, and promise you I will work hard to make the changes and improvements that are important to Becker students.  Remember, a vote for me NOW, will help me work for you LATER!  Vote for Rich Metellus!!


Gabi Hulsey
My name is Gabi Hulsey and I’m a freshman here at Becker (I’ll be a sophomore next year!) I am in the Computer Information Systems program and I live on the Leicester campus.  I have been an executive member of the Student Government Organization since the fall semester of 2013.

Becker’s Student Government Association has grown a lot over the past year I have been a member. We tackled issues ranging from squeaky chairs in the Borger lecture hall to the so-called “Fish Fridays” at the dining hall.

If elected Vice President of Leicester & Student Affairs, I will work hard to advocate for student body needs and make real & lasting changes to the campus environment and student experience.


Ian Hunter
Ian is a Resident Assistant on the Worcester Campus, Head Student Ambassador, and works closely with the Becker College Chapter of the IGDA. He currently serves on the Student Government as the Sophomore Vice President.  He is a very involved member of the Becker community. By running for this position, Ian hopes to be able to take on more responsibilities and work more towards helping his fellow students.

Kerry Saltvick
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Class: 2016
Position Running For: Vice President of the Worcester Campus
Trickle Down: Public Relations
Current Leadership Activities: B.L.U.E. Crew II, Design Subcommittee Leader of BE WELL, First Year Course Assistant, Institutional Research Assistant, Student Government Association: Sophomore Class President, Student Writer at Alive Campus.com, Women’s Tennis
Current Projects: Study Abroad, Safety Liaison, and Transportation Committee Member and more!

My work with Student Government has been a period of growth and change. Student Government has come a long way in just this year, we’ve achieved so much, and there’s still much room for growth! Now that I’ve dipped my feet in the water, it’s about time I take the experience I’ve learned as Sophomore Class President and tackle the real issues. Becker College is an institution with high academic integrity standards. Student Government is the voice of the students. Through the relationships I’ve built over the last year, and the extensive networking I’ve done both on and off the Student Government floor, I believe I have prepared myself to act as the voice of the students to maintain our academic integrity and address concerns the students may or may not have.

I’ve been working closely with the Study Abroad Coordinator to pioneer a study abroad option to Japan. I work closely with Institutional Research. Through B.L.U. E. Crew II, I became an advocate for sustainable living and wellness on my service trip to Williamson, West Virginia. Through my varying faces and positions at the college, I have and will continue to work to be the voice of the students and their academic interests.­­­

And I hope I secure your support on April 9th!

Questions? Email me at klsaltvick.2012@mymail.becker.edu


Ariel Cristi

Ashley Peterson
I am Ashley Peterson and I am running for Student Government Treasurer. I have always wanted to be a part of the student government and now finally have that chance. I have been a part of many other groups at Becker including the women’s Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball team as well as SAAC, and a new leadership program for student athletes called LEAP. I have been a part of leadership groups and know how to handle stressful situations. I am very responsible and good at handling money and I will make sure everyone gets what they need.  I am a hard worker, passionate, and not afraid to try new ideas. If chosen as treasurer I will make sure that all the funds are taken care of and make everyone’s time here at Becker worthwhile. You name it I will try to make it happen. Here’s to a new year, a new start, and a new Becker! GO HAWKS!!!!


Victoria Belcher
Hello, my name is Victoria Belcher and I am running for the position of Secretary for SGA. I hope to become more involved with the Becker community and to share new ideas to help students at Becker. I am a member of SAAC, I am also the president of the new running club here at Becker. I also play lacrosse in the spring and soccer in the fall.


Alyson Seymour


Breanna Cuchara


Jose Galvez-Lovo
Jose Galvez-Lovo is a Criminal Justice major from Nashua, New Hampshire. He is currently serving on Becker College’s Student Government Association as the Junior Class Vice-President where he has planned and organized events for the class of 2015, conducted surveys and has represented the students of the class of 2015. He is a Resident Assistant, member of the Becker College Men’s Soccer team, and has completed B.L.U.E. Crew. Jose enjoys meeting new people, listening to new ideas and will always be the voice of the students.

Rachael Miller
Major: Biology with a minor in Equine Studies
Clubs/Activities: Resident Assistant, Peer Tutor, Campus Activities Office Assistant, Orientation Leader, Public Relations Chair for GSA

My name is Rachael Miller and I am running for Senior Class President. During my first three years at Becker College I have held various leadership positions including Resident Assistant, First Year Course Assistant, Peer Tutor, Supplemental Instruction Leader, Orientation Leader, Public Relations Chair for the Gay-Straight Alliance, and an Office Assistant in the Campus Activities Office. I believe that I have grown significantly as a leader through these roles, and the skills I have gained will help me be an effective Senior Class President. Some of these skills are approachability, embracing my abilities and empowering others’, efficiency with completing tasks, embracing change, upholding global citizenship, supporting not only my own beliefs but also others’, and foreseeing necessary improvements. I would be more than honored to hold the position of Senior Class President and help our class work toward success while making it a memorable senior year.


Kaitlyn Kenney


Kristi DeYoung
Becker College puts emphasis on the fact that we, as students can make a difference in the world. The class of 2016 is comprised of many talented individuals that all have a plan to change the world somehow. No matter what your major is, we are all here to achieve our dreams and make a difference. I would like to unify our diverse class and allow us all to work together and contribute our own talents to positively influence everyone around us.

If elected Junior Class President, I would like to make our class stronger and more connected. I want to plan community events for the junior class that are not only beneficial to others, but also extremely fun! Together, we can all make a difference in our community and we can enjoy it too! I would also like to plan exciting events that everyone would enjoy like white water rafting, glow golf trip, movie night events, and any other suggestions that anyone may have. I also have make fundraising ideas to raise funds to make our senior send-off a wonderful and memorable experience.

The class of 2016 is separated by campuses and by majors, however we are one. I will try my best to unify or class and help us all build relationships with each other to form a cohesive and strong group of people that will be the change. SGA allows the Junior Class President to be the voice of their class, and I will get everyone’s concerns and ideas across. I would love to have the opportunity to serve the class of 2016 and make it a great year for everyone!


Thamires Nunes
I would love to serve as your SGA Junior Class Vice President for the class of 2016. As a class, we have been through a lot – between starting off into a brand new building on campus to a completely new Campus Activities & Leadership Development staff to a whirlwind of changes like the formation of the School of Animal Sciences and Sophomore Year Experience. Our orientation didn’t fit many aspects of this new college experience, and many of us were confused and yearning to find answers – between what was and now, what is. That’s where SGA comes in – the official voice between our class and the entire administration and staff, and that’s where I help out, as your Junior Class Vice President.

I have been a leader on campus since day one, from the Campus Activities Board to 2013 New Student Orientation to BLUE Crew. Through this time, I have learned what it takes to bring about what the students want on campus, and how to make administration and faculty receptive of our views while still upholding Becker College Core Values and making everyone happy. I want to strengthen our class and unite to have an awesome Senior Year – and even more importantly, to walk out into graduation as one cohesive group. I want to bring down the walls between campuses, and unite students with common goals in friendship to make us a strong group collectively, not by major. I want to give opportunities for community service that we actually want to engage in, and I want to raise awareness to global issues to unite the entire class and bring about friendships between people we’d never imagine. And of course, I want to hold & plan events for the class of 2016 to places in New England that we’d never heard of, and to raise funds so next semester we can have Senior Send-Off events that will make us legendary. How does White-Water Rafting, Paintball, Zip-lining and Harbor Cruise sound to you for next year?

In conclusion, I want you the students to know how much good the Student Government Association can do for you, how much work and time class officers and E-Board members put into this organization and how much change it can really bring. It sounds cheesy yes, but I want help other students pick up those leadership positions, and feel confident in themselves about their roles on campus as a leader. Why? Because I know the confidence and excitement it brings me to be a student leader on campus, and my goal is to empower others to do great things, not only here at the college but in their externships, jobs, graduate schools and ultimately the world. Strange to say that can all be done by SGA, and it will definitely be strengthened by you, choosing me as a class officer.


Lynda Mockler

Samantha Tondreau
Hello my name is Samantha Tondreau. I am a pre-vet major and I live on he Worcester campus. I am the treasurer for the Becker Music Club, and the event coordinator for the Pre-vet Club. I am also a TA in the Lenfest Animal Clinic that is located on campus. I am a member of the Blue Crew and the Alpha Lambda Delta honor society. I have also been on a humanitarian travel study to Rwanda in Africa. I look forward to gaining the experience as Sophomore Class President.


Sean Harlow
Hello my name is Sean Harlow. I am a game design major and I live on the Worcester campus. I am the public relations officer for the Becker Music Club, I also play the guitar for the band. I am a member of BLUE Crew, to help me develop my leadership skills. I am really into drawing and my music. I am looking forward to being Sophomore Class Vice President to help me develop my skills and make me a more round and developed person.

Brigette Hillman

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