What to Bring to College

Welcome! We look forward to your arrival at your new home at Becker College. Be sure to bring necessities such as clothing and toiletries, but also those things you can use to personalize your space and make it comfortable. The link below will provide you with information to help you decide what to bring to Becker College and what to leave at home.

As you make decisions about what to bring to Becker College, remember that you will have a roommate who will be bringing belongings as well. Rarely does a student regret bringing too little to school, but you (and possibly your family) may regret bringing too much! Make sure you communicate with your roommate about large items (such as televisions) to decide what each individual can contribute to the room.

If you aren’t sure whether an item is allowed in the residence halls, please call the Office of Residence Life and Housing at 508.373.9542 or email tyrone.newsome@becker.edu for more information. Happy packing!


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