Position Descriptions

The Office of Residence Life has a strong commitment to creating an environment in the residence halls that assists students in their growth and development and encourages academic excellence, social competence, independence, and a sense of community living. A well-trained staff—including area coordinators, resident directors, and resident assistants—provides programming, guidance, and support to the residence hall community. When these activities are combined with the active participation of the residents, the halls become more than just places to sleep; they become living and learning environments.

Assistant Director of Residence Life

The assistant director is responsible for the leadership and management of the residence life and housing program. The assistant director supervises the residence life staff, oversees the housing assignment process for all returning and new incoming students, provides direction for departmental processes, and administers the student conduct hearing process for violations of Becker College policies. The assistant director's goal is to provide a positive and productive experience for students that will be filled with new friendships and opportunities for academic achievement and personal growth.

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Area Coordinators

The area coordinator (AC) is a full-time, live-in professional who reports to the assistant director of residence life and housing. ACs are assigned to administer a residential area and supervise the residence life coordinators, resident directors, and resident assistants. Each area coordinator serves as a campus hearing officer who adjudicates on-campus student discipline. In addition, ACs manage major departmental projects including parental outreach, faculty and staff outreach, staff selection and training, publications, programming, and staff recognition. It is the responsibility of each area coordinator to work actively with staff and students to promote a positive community environment.

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Coordinator of Living Learning Communities

The Learning Community Assistant is a student employed by the Office of Residence Life and Housing to live in a living learning community residence hall. The Learning Community Assistant works as part of a residence hall staff in order to build an environment supporting the academic mission and objectives of the living learning community and to create a positive community experience for residents. The Learning Community Assistant serves as a communication link between the residents in the building, the Office of Residence Life and Housing and the faculty involved in the living learning communities. The Learning Community Assistant will work with the Office of Residence Life and Housing in the development of a purposeful academic residential community.

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Resident Directors

The resident director (RD) is a live-in professional staff member who is responsible for the daily functioning and management of one to three residence halls. The resident director encourages the development of community programs, educates students, supervises student staff, handles disciplinary matters, and performs administrative duties. Resident directors report to the area coordinator and assistant director of residence life and housing. Each resident director has an office located in the residential area they supervise.

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Resident Assistants

Resident assistants (RAs) work in the residence halls to build communities that are inclusive of all students. RAs are selected for their leadership potential; interpersonal abilities; positive, caring attitudes; and sense of commitment. Trained in everything from responding to emergencies, mediating roommate conflicts, accurately referring students to campus support services, and planning social and academic programs, RAs are capable and knowledgeable staff members. They are also the most visible staff members to students.

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