Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Living is dedicated to providing Becker College students with the necessary information and tools to successfully reside in off-campus housing.

Off-Campus Misconduct

While Becker College has a primary duty to supervise student behavior within its campuses, there are many circumstances where the off-campus behavior of students warrants disciplinary action. The Good Neighbor Policy was created to be consistent with the educational role of Becker College, the rights and needs of all residents, local municipal ordinances, and standards of common courtesy. The policy is directed toward encouraging and maintaining positive relationships with the College’s neighbors and developing each student’s understanding of responsible citizenship.

The Good Neighbor Policy is stated in the Student Handbook as follows:

Students who reside in or visit the Becker College neighborhood are expected to demonstrate respect and concern for all of the local community. Becker College expects students to demonstrate responsible citizenship in the local neighborhood. All of the following behaviors and any action related to these behaviors will not be tolerated:

Excessive noise, hosting large parties, serving minors, harassment of neighbors, public drinking, public urination, damaging or stealing of property, disorderly conduct, and/or any other College policy violation that presents Becker College in a negative manner.

Any student found in violation of the Good Neighbor Policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which could jeopardize academic standing with Becker College.

The following is the list of sanctions that will be imposed if a student is found responsible for an off-campus violation:

1st offense: official verbal reprimand
2nd offense: official written warning
3rd offense: probation and/or suspension
4th offense: dismissal or expulsion from Becker College

Becker College expects students to conduct themselves in accordance with the law. Student behavior off the premises of the campus that may have violated any local, state, or federal law, or yields a complaint from others alleging law violations or student misconduct, will be reviewed by the College.  Upon receipt of a complaint alleging off-campus student misconduct, the vice president of student affairs, or his/her designee, will review the allegations to determine the appropriate course of action by the College.

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