Living Learning Communities

What Is a Becker College Living Learning Community?

A Living Learning Community (LLC) is a residential clustering of students who share academic or social and cultural interests.

LLCs vary in organization, goals, and curriculums, but they share the following characteristics:

  • They facilitate personal relationships among students, faculty, and staff
  • They build nurturing, welcoming atmospheres to increase learning and student retention
  • They are located in specific residence halls
  • They encourage student participation in a variety of activities that foster a learning environment

Being a part of an LLC will provide students with a mutual support network, offer evening events on interesting topics of specific interest to an academic discipline, promote group dinner meetings, and have programs designed to increase retention and overall academic performance. Some other benefits for the students are:

  • Opportunities to develop a network of friends and meet those who share a common goal
  • Support to help improve grades
  • Social activities related to an academic major
  • Help and encouragement through peer networking
  • A residential setting that is an active, supportive, and exciting place in which to live and learn

Interactive Media and Design

The Interactive Media and Design Living Learning community started in Fall 2012 is tailored for design students. Students work on group projects, and attend programs, conferences and seminars that focus on giving Interactive Media and Design LLC students exclusive experiences that help them relate their classwork to real world situations within the field. The Interactice Media and Design LLC is for students who are sophomores, juniors or seniors who are enrolled in the design program. It is housed in Bullock Hall on the Worcester campus and has accommodations for both male and female students.

Green House

The Green House Living Learning Community was established in the Fall 2014 semester and is housed in Lane Hall on the Leicester campus. There are twenty spaces for students interested in living in the Green House LLC. This LLC focuses on sustainability initiatives which the students will be responsible for creating and maintaining throughout the academic year. Students will explore ways in which we can all use fewer natural resources and learn how to become agents of change for a more sustainable society. Students interested in “shrinking their footprint” are invited to apply for the Green House.

If you are interested in the Green House LLC, please click on the link below:

Green House LLC Form

For more information about the Living Learning Communities, please contact Lisa Lydon at


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