Housing Selection 2015

It’s that time of the year! The Office of Residence Life is gearing up for the 2015-2016 Housing Selection Process. Current Becker students (residents and commuters) are all invited to participate in housing selection. The process allows students to select their residential community, room or apartment, and roommates for the upcoming academic year.

If you participate in room selection and sign up for a room, you are financially responsible for the associated charges for the full academic year.  In order to participate in housing selection the following must be completed:

  1. Students must pay a NON-REFUNDABLE Housing Deposit of $400 by Friday, March 27, 2015. The $400 deposit will be credited to the fall 2015 room bill. Student may bring the deposit to the student accounts office on either campus.  Payment can also be made by calling the student accounts office at (508) 373-9437 (Worcester Campus) or (774) 354-0440 (Leicester Campus).
  2. Students must be pre-registered for 12 or more credits for the Fall 2015 semester
  3. Students must have no current financial holds or other holds on their account.

Housing Selection Dates
Monday, April 13
Worcester Multi-purpose Room – Boutin Student Center 
Room Selection Day for students who wish to fill a room/suite/apartment on the Worcester Campus

Tuesday, April 14
Daniels Hall – Borger Academic Center 
Room Selection Day for students who wish to fill a room or suite on the Leicester Campus

Wednesday, April 15
Worcester Multi-purpose Room – Boutin Student Center 
Room Selection Day for any student who has not signed up for a room on either campus

What is a Housing Selection Number and how is it determined?
Housing Selection numbers are used to create the order by which eligible students will choose available rooms.  The housing selection numbers are randomly assigned by a computer logarithm.  The number a student receives is also associated with the time and day when the room selection will take place. Housing Selection Numbers and time slots will be available on during the first week of April.

What if I cannot attend Housing Selection during the designated time?
Students who cannot be present during the designated time slot may complete a proxy form and send another student to act as his/her representative in the student’s absence. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the student who is serving as your proxy is aware of your preferences, and we recommend that you have a detailed conversation with the person who is serving as a proxy.

You are bound by your proxy’s selection or lack of a selection. NO written notes will be accepted.  Proxy forms will be available on this webpage and in the Student Affairs Office located in the Student Center on both campuses. If a student cannot secure another student to serve as a proxy, please speak with Stephanie Crane in the Office of Residence Life on the Worcester Campus.

Will I be able to “pull-in” friends who have a lower number than me?
If you and a friend or friends would like to be roommates/suitemates, the person with lowest housing selection number can “pull in” the other members of the group to select a room/suite at the same time. You must fill an entire suite, apartment or an entire room (in a house) to take advantage of this option. For example: if you are a group of 3 students you could select a triple, but you may not select a double and half of another double in a suite.

What if I do not have a preference on who I live with?
If you are looking for a roommate, there will be a number of opportunities for you to connect with others who are looking at the same house/campus that you are. We encourage students to attend our annual “Find a Roommate Night” in Worcester and Leicester (Dates will be announced). For additional information on “Find a Roommate Night” please contact Housing@becker.edu.

Does Becker College offer a Gender Inclusive Housing option? 

Gender Inclusive Housing will be an option that is available beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year. Students will be able to select housing during the 2015 housing selection process. This housing policy allows any upperclass students (sophomores, juniors or seniors), regardless of gender identity, to choose to live together in Willow, Spruce, Barrett, Bancroft, Winslow, and Miller. For more information about the policy please go here.

What if I require specific accommodations?
Students who believe they require special housing accommodations must submit a Returning Student Accommodation Application 15-16 form. Students are required to complete and submit a two-part form by March 31, 2015. The first part is to be completed by the student. The second form is for the non-parental treatment provider (i.e. counselor, therapist, physician, etc.) to complete. The student is encouraged to submit this form to their treatment provider as soon as possible.

What do I need to bring with me to the Housing Selection?
All students participating in Housing Selection must bring their Becker College ID and a proxy form (available on this webpage) for each student in the group if all parties cannot attend with them.  It is also strongly recommended that students have a list of 3-4 room/building options in case the first and second choice spaces are not available.





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