Housing Accommodation Requests

Becker College strives to create intentional, comfortable, and supportive living communities that create a seamless living and learning environment. We recognize that occasionally, students may need housing accommodations in order to be successful. To help make certain each student receives an appropriate housing assignment the following process has been developed to review all requests for special housing accommodations.

The Student Accommodations Committee evaluates requests made by students seeking housing accommodations. In an effort to respond to these requests as fairly and knowledgeably as possible, members of this committee will be comprised of Residence Life and Housing, Health Services, Counseling Services and Collaborative Learning Center.

Submitting a request for housing accommodations:

The student will need to complete and submit the Request for Housing Accommodations form along with supporting documentation provided by a physician or other qualified professional.  To be considered, all documentation needs to be received by:

November 30, 2015 for incoming Becker College Students (Spring ‘16 Semester)
March 31, 2016 for current Becker College Students
June 30, 2016 for incoming Becker College Students (Fall ‘16 Semester)

Please complete this form if you are requesting a new Housing Accommodation. (PDF Forms are fill-able) 

Please complete this form if currently have a Housing Accommodation and are requesting the same accommodation for the 2016-2017 academic year. 

The Student Accommodations Committee will review each student request including the supporting documentation provided and make a decision about the request.  If necessary, decisions will also include housing placement based on the accommodation requested.  Students will be notified of the committees decision through their Becker College email account.

Consideration is given based on the date all documentation is submitted and space availability.  It should be noted that simply submitting the Request for Housing Accommodations form does not guarantee the request will be granted.  Accommodations are made on a needs-based and space available basis.  Housing accommodation requests need to be submitted each year, they do not carry forward.



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