Counseling Services provides:

Individual counseling for Becker College students

Although the frequency may vary, students typically meet for 45 to 50 minutes with a counselor once a week. A first appointment can generally be scheduled within one or two days after a request, except at the busiest times of the semester.

Group counseling for Becker College students

College students live busy lives and can face different types of stress. To help, counseling services offers a number of group sessions which focus on such challenges as practicing relaxation, family issues,  being a female student-athlete, death and bereavement, and more.

Spring 2015 Counseling Groups (download the PDF)

Consultation to parents, students, staff, faculty, and administration

Counselors routinely consult with parents and any members of the Becker community who may have concerns about a student.  We listen to their concerns, help determine what might be beneficial for the student, and suggest ways to encourage the student to make a counseling appointment.

Online screenings

Anonymous online screenings for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) may be accessed through this link:

» Online screening for depression and anxiety

Educational programs

A variety of programs on mental health topics are offered throughout the academic year to encourage students’ growth outside the classroom.

Referrals to specialized services and medication off-campus

When a student needs services beyond the scope of what Counseling Services can offer, the student may be referred to a provider in the community. Off-campus evaluations for psychotropic medications are also arranged through the Counseling Services office.

Evaluation and referral for psychological emergencies

Counselors are available to assist students in crisis.  During weekends and evenings, these services are accessed through residence life staff or campus police.

Resource library of books, tapes, CDs, and videos

A lending library of materials on a variety of mental health-related topics is available at the Counseling Services office on each campus.

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