Community Service / Volunteering

Becker College is committed to serving our community. We strongly believe in the interconnectedness of our neighborhood, our nation, and our world.

The Becker College community is an active one. Students, faculty, and staff often volunteer and work shoulder to shoulder in a variety of service projects. Students are encouraged to get involved through clubs and organizations in the community as part of their course work, as student-athletes, or as part of residence life. Becker College has long been a leader in student internships and community service, devoting more than 100,000 hours every year to serving others. The Worcester area is home to many long standing and well-respected human service and neighborhood organizations. Becker College education majors and nursing students volunteer at nearby Elm Park Community School. The College supports the local United Way. Staff and members of the Community Service Club volunteer locally and have also traveled to participate in the Habitat for Humanity Spring Break.

Becker College has partnered on community service initiatives with the following organizations:

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