Becker College Dance Team/Club

The Becker College Dance Program is a collaborative effort of young adults who love the art of dance. The Dance Program has a place for anyone who has a gift or ability to dance, choreograph, organize, fundraise, event plan, and so on! The Dance Program offers opportunities for dancers of all levels of experience and styles to continue to enjoy their love of dance as part of their college experience. The program consists of a Dance Club where anyone can be involved, no auditions or experience necessary and a Competitive Dance Team which holds auditions each spring for the following year's team. Both aspects of the program aim to dance to make a difference. The dancers participate in fundraisers and community events throughout the school year that benefit others in a variety of ways.

Coaches and Advisors

Lynn Koenig
Head Dance Team Coach, and Dance Club Advisor

Coach Koenig has over 10 years of coaching experience and over 18 years of personal dance experience. She has been with Becker College in these positions since 2010. Coach Koenig also holds the positions of Head Cheerleading Coach and Academic Specialist in the Collaborative Learning Center, both at Becker College. With educational and work experience in the social work profession, she aims to educate her team and club members on how to prevent injury, maintain a healthy lifestyle, foster leadership skills, independence, creativity, and social awareness.

Coach Koenig holds the following certifications:

AACCA Spirit Safety

NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching

NFHS Concussion

NFHS Sports Nutrition

CPR, AED, and First Aid

Joanna Barrett
Assistant Coach

Nicole Vonleh
Performance Assistant

Rosters and Leadership Opportunities

Leadership roles are available to all team members who have been on the team for at least one full season. Some are assigned by the coaches while others are voluntary.  Each position becomes available at the end of the year team meeting each spring.

Dance Team Roster and Leadership Roles

Gabby Alvarez Toro (Captain)
Junior, Choreographer, Performance Coordinator

Kaitlyn Dennison

Kimberly Luhcs
Junior, Fundraising Coordinator, Treasurer

Jennifer Clark

McKenna Robbins

Marley Makes

Annellie Miller
Junior, Choreographer, Fundraising Coordinator

Amber Young

Jillian Crowley

Danielle Rekemeyer
Sophomore, Team Manager

Dance Club Leaders

Elizabeth Collins
Junior, Choreographer

Kimberly Luhcs
Junior, Showcase Outside Dance Group Coordinator

Mary Nketiah
Freshman, Choreographer

We have open positions for choreographers, back stage managers, front of the house show managers, and greeters for the 2014 and 2015 Showcases, unlimited number of dancer positions available as well.


Tryout Info

Dance Team Tryouts for the Fall 2015 Team!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015, 1pm-4pm

Fletcher Dance Studio on the Leicester Campus

Pre-registration is required, contact Coach Koenig by April 15, 2015 to audition.

The Dance Team is looking for Hip Hop Dancers for next year's team.

  • You must prepare a 45 second to 1 minute hip hop dance to audition with.
  • Two pieces of choreography will be taught as well.
  • Require skills include but are not limited to: waves, kip ups, popping, locking, freezes, hold a solid handstand, L-kicks on either side.
  • Video auditions are accepted in extreme circumstances only.

Contact Coach Lynn Koenig for details at

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