Here you can find everything you need for the transportation services at Becker College.

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Shuttle Schedule

» Worcester/Leicester Shuttle Schedule
» Bancroft Shuttle Schedule

Shuttle Locations

Worcester pick-up:

  • Sever Street in front of the entrance gates to the Weller Quad
  • Cedar Street in front of the main entrance of the Boutin Student Center

Leicester pick-up:

  • In front of the Fuller Campus Center

Shuttle Schedule

(Effective August 29, 2016)

Bancroft Hall Shuttle Schedule

(Effective August 29, 2016)

Shuttle Stops: Bancroft Hall – Front of Building Worcester Campus – Sever Street (Side of Weller) & Boutin Student Center

Equestrian Shuttle Schedule
Day Departure From Worcester Departure From Leicester Departure From Equestrian Facility
Monday  12:10pm 12:30pm
   2:10pm 2:30pm
   N/A 3:30pm
 4:10pm 4:50pm
5:10pm 5:30pm
  N/A 6:30pm
  N/A 7:30pm
 Tuesday  7:30am 7:50am
   8:10am 8:30am
   N/A 10:30am
   11:10am 11:30am
   N/A 1:30pm
 N/A N/A
   N/A N/A
 Wednesday  N/A 8:00am 8:30am
   10:50am 11:10am
   12:10pm 12:30pm
   N/A 1:30pm
   2:10pm 2:30pm
   2:55pm 4:50pm
 Thursday  8:10am 8:30am
 9:10am 9:30am
  N/A  10:30am
  N/A 11:30am
12:10pm 12:30pm
2:20pm 2:40pm
  N/A 5:10pm
 Friday(Starts 9/30)  6:15am 8:00am

If you have any transportation questions please contact our Transportation Coordinator Diana Johnson at 508.373.9468 or by email.  Diana is also located in Linden Hall Office 36.

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