Here you can find everything you need for the transportation services at Becker College.

If you are interested in the Airport Shuttle Service, please fill out the form below.  We will be in touch about time and date of the shuttle service.

Airport Shuttle

Bancroft Hall Finals Week Shuttle Schedule

Leicester to Worcester Finals Week Shuttle Schedule

Worcester to Leicester Finals Week Shuttle Schedule

Vehicle Request Form

Driver Authorization Form

Shuttle Schedule

» Worcester/Leicester Shuttle Schedule
» Bancroft Shuttle Schedule

Shuttle Locations

Worcester pick-up:

  • Sever Street in front of the entrance gates to the Weller Quad
  • Cedar Street in front of the main entrance of the Boutin Student Center

Leicester pick-up:

  • In front of the Fuller Campus Center

Shuttle Schedule

(Effective August 29, 2016)

Bancroft Hall Shuttle Schedule

(Effective August 29, 2016)

Shuttle Stops: Bancroft Hall – Front of Building Worcester Campus – Sever Street (Side of Weller) & Boutin Student Center

Equestrian Shuttle Schedule
Day Departure From Worcester Departure From Leicester Departure From Equestrian Facility
Monday  12:10pm 12:30pm
   2:10pm 2:30pm
   N/A 3:30pm
 4:10pm 4:50pm
5:10pm 5:30pm
  N/A 6:30pm
  N/A 7:30pm
 Tuesday  7:30am 7:50am
   8:10am 8:30am
   N/A 10:30am
   11:10am 11:30am
   N/A 1:30pm
 N/A N/A
   N/A N/A
 Wednesday  N/A 8:00am 8:30am
   10:50am 11:10am
   12:10pm 12:30pm
   N/A 1:30pm
   2:10pm 2:30pm
   2:55pm 4:50pm
 Thursday  8:10am 8:30am
 9:10am 9:30am
  N/A  10:30am
  N/A 11:30am
12:10pm 12:30pm
2:20pm 2:40pm
  N/A 5:10pm
 Friday(Starts 9/30)  6:15am 8:00am

If you have any transportation questions please contact our Transportation Coordinator Diana Johnson at 508.373.9468 or by email.  Diana is also located in Linden Hall Office 36.

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