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Health and Immunization Requirements

Student Health record information is based on Massachusetts Department of Public Health laws. The requirements and laws referenced below are designed to protect every individual that lives and works in our campus community from contracting vaccine-preventable diseases. These are the regulations that govern immunizations and allowable exemptions.

Students must submit all health information online in the Student Health Portal. Here you will be required to enter in all health, immunization, and insurance information as outlined below.  You will then need to upload, by either scanning or taking a photo, all of your health documentation and your insurance card. Once uploaded, your information can be reviewed and verified.

Students who fail to submit required documentation by the deadline may be prohibited from attending classes, living on campus, participating in athletics and may be subject to a $250 fine.

Health Requirements for All New Incoming Students:

  • Health History Form: Online form completed by the student under the “Forms” tab in the Health Portal
  • Immunization Record: Official Immunization Record signed/dated by Health Care Provider
  • Physical Exam: Complete physical documentation signed/dated by Health Care Provider
    • MUST be completed no earlier than 1 year before the first day of classes (1 time requirement)
  • Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Form
  • Graduate MHC Students: PPD Skin Test is required in place of TB Risk Assessment Form
    • If PPD is positive, a negative chest x-ray (completed within 5 years) is required.
  • Required Immunizations
    • Hepatitis B Vaccine (3 doses)
      • (+) Hep B Surface Antibody titer is accepted in place of vaccines; upload lab report
    • MMR Vaccine (2 doses)
      • (+) Measles, Mumps, and Rubella titers are accepted in place of vaccines; upload lab reports.
    • Varicella (Chicken Pox) Vaccine (2 doses)
      • (+) Varicella titer is accepted in place of vaccines; upload lab report.
    • Tdap (1 dose within the past 10 years, then tetanus booster given every 10 years thereafter)
    • Meningococcal MCV4 Vaccine (Menactra/Menveo/Menomune) 1 dose after age 16
      • Signed Meningitis Waiver Form is accepted in place of vaccine.

Additional Requirements for All Nursing Students:

  • Titers: Hepatitis B Surface Antibody blood test confirming immunity to the disease; upload lab report.
  • TB Skin Test:
    • 2-step PPD Test (2 separate TB Skin Tests completed 1-4 weeks apart no earlier than 6 months before starting the program)
    • Annual 1-step PPD Test (complete 1 TB Skin Test annually throughout the duration of your program)
      • If PPD is positive, a negative chest x-ray (completed within 5 years) is required.
  • Vaccines:
    • Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) Vaccine: All nursing students must have a current Tdap shot on record, a tetanus booster (Td) is not accepted.
    • Seasonal Flu Vaccine (annually throughout the duration of your program)

Additional Requirements for All Vet Science Students:

  • Rabies Requirement: Rabies Vaccine (3 doses) OR Signed Electronic Rabies Waiver Form
    • Waiver found under the “Forms” tab in the Health Portal
  • TB Skin Test: 1 Baseline PPD Skin Test completed upon entry to the Vet Science program
    • Must be completed no earlier than 6 months before the start of your first class in the program.
    • If PPD is positive, a negative chest x-ray (completed within 5 years) is required.
  • Electronic Forms: Veterinary Risk Form and Waste Anesthetic Gases Form
    • Found under the “Forms” tab in the Health Portal

All Students Taking 9 or More Credits:

Health Insurance Information:

  • Enter in your current health insurance information and upload a picture of the front and back of your insurance card in the Health Portal
  • Please click here to either enroll in or waive the Student Health Insurance Plan



Additional Information from the State of Massachusetts: