Immunization Requirements

Student Health record information is based on Massachusetts Department of Public Health laws. The requirements and laws referenced below are designed to protect every individual that lives and works in our campus community from contracting vaccine-preventable diseases. These are the regulations that govern immunizations and allowable exemptions.

Basic Requirements for All Students:

  • Health History Form– This must be completed by you in the Student Health Portal.
  • Immunization Record, Physical Exam and Tuberculosis Risk Assessment– These must be completed your doctor and uploaded to the Health Portal by you.
  • Vaccines– Hepatitis B Vaccine (3 doses), MMR Vaccine (2 doses), Varicella Vaccine (2 doses), TDAP (1 Dose), Meningococcal Vaccine (1 Dose) or Waiver.

Additional Requirements for Nursing Students:

  • Vaccines/Titers/Skin Tests– Hepatitis B Antibody, PPD- TB Skin Test 1 (1 Test), PPD- TB Skin Test 2 (1 test), PPD-TB Skin Test Annually (1 test) for upper classmen, Seasonal Flu Vaccine (annually)

Additional Requirements for Vet Science Students:

  • Vaccines/Titers/Skin Tests– Rabies Vaccine (3 Doses) or Waiver; Vet Science Risk Form and a PPD Skin Test (1 test)

More information can be found in the Student Health Portal.

Additional Information from the State of Massachusetts:


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