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Week of April 24, 2017

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Upcoming Campus Activities Events:

FINALS FRENZY! Relieve some stress with these great events!

Monday, May 1

Senior Last Night Out!

Graduating on May 6? Come celebrate one last night out with your friends!
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Transportation for Finals Week


Athletic Home Games:

Tuesday, May 2

Baseball vs Worcester State
6:00 p.m.


Community Bulletin


The Agile Minute!

Happy end of the semester everyone,

To faculty in the scientific disciplines, incorporating the Agile Mindset in our classrooms can initially seem difficult. In many ways, it seems as though our field is not fully compatible with Becker’s educational philosophy. How can we, as educators, train students to think creatively to solve unstructured problems when science is just so…structured?

And yet, if you think about it, we are the very essence of the Agile Mindset! Everything that we know in science – all those pesky facts – were once unknown. Everything that our fields have ever invented, from the light bulb to next-generation gene sequencing, was made to fill an unmet need. We are the very embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit and who knows better than we do about collaborating with one another? Scientists all over the world work together on projects that require expertise from multiple fields. Let’s face it – science owns the Agile Mindset!

As a school that focuses on science education, we already give our students many opportunities to move outside the classroom and experience the joys of science in the real world. Our students are doing externships in a variety of locations that allow them to use their newfound knowledge to answer questions they never thought to ask. But our faculty have also embraced the Agile Mindset, leaving behind exams that demand rote memorization for case studies that ask students to apply their learning to real-life situations, creating mock scenarios that present scientific problems for students to solve, or even coming up with their own unanswered questions that require them to research multiple solutions and present those choices to their classmates.

Our students’ success after Becker will depend on how well we expose them to these opportunities. Do we want our graduates to remember every fact they were shown on a PowerPoint slide about Mendelian genetics, or do we want our graduates to be able to identify a question about genome editing that hasn’t yet been answered, and then answer it? Do we want to graduate students who will go on to be veterinarians that diagnose an animal based on a list of symptoms or be veterinarians that look at the whole animal, considering all the potential diagnoses?

The more our students are challenged to ask questions and find answers to those questions on our campus, the better off they will be after they leave it. To quote the Agile Mindset, that is what makes us scientists “uniquely human”.

Enjoy your summer,

Leah S. Brault, Ph.D.,

Chair, Department of Natural Sciences


The Center for Accelerated & Professional Studies

Registration is open for Summer!

Want to lighten your fall load by getting an elective out of the way over the summer? Need to retake a class to stay on track? Take it over the summer!

Visit to view a full list of available courses. Courses are also visible on Insite.

Students can register online or by visiting the Center for Accelerated & Professional Studies offices on the second floor of Weller.


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