Diane (Motta) Malboeuf '81

Published on Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Diane (Motta) Malboeuf ’81 met her husband Ralph in 1979. She was in her first year at Becker, majoring in retail fashion. Ralph was a junior at WPI, majoring in electrical engineering. Ralph lived at Lamda Chi Alpha fraternity; Diane lived in Davis Hall. “My girlfriends and I quickly made friends with many of the guys living at the fraternity. Ralph and I started dating in the fall of 1979. Two years later, with graduation upon us, Ralph was heading to New York for a new job. I was moving back to Cape Cod, my hometown, with a job at a local retail store. In September of 1981, Ralph proposed, and a year later we had a beautiful wedding on Cape Cod,” Diane recalls. After working as a stay at home mom for 20 years, she now works part-time at a local hospital. Ralph works at IBM, and the couple happily resides in Westford, Mass.