Becker Community Mourns the Loss of Professor John Dorsey, Esq.

Posted by Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D. on 05.18.12 in Uncategorized

The Becker College community mourns the passing of John Dorsey, Esq., professor of law. For nearly 40 years, John was a dedicated member of our faculty who seamlessly wove his experience and expertise with a sense of humor. He tirelessly educated and encouraged his students, and heralded their success as alumni as they  attended graduate school, joined law firms, or started their own. Throughout his career, John has been recognized for his excellence in teaching, including his inclusion on the Becker Wall of Honor in 2007 for his dedication and contributions to the College. John truly exemplified the Becker College spirit and pride. His voice, his humor, and his expertise will be sorely missed by our community.

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12 Responses to Becker Community Mourns the Loss of Professor John Dorsey, Esq.

  1. Vicki E. (Dorr) Griffin-Blanchette says:

    Professor John J. Dorsey once told me that if there is one thing law will teach you it is to trust no one except your mother, and to keep one eye on her. I remember to this day his comment in this regard during class and I thought, time surely will tell (I was all of 18 then). After working in the legal field now for almost 25 years (Becker graduate of 1988), I have to say, his advice couldn’t have been more accurate.

    Professor Dorsey was an intelligent, articulate, and humorous teacher of law! I couldn’t have asked for a better Professor and this world will definitely be empty without him!

    God Love ya Professor Dorsey!

    Class of 1988 (Paralegal Studies)

  2. Annie hines says:

    mr dorsey was such an awesome teacher. I actually enjoyed going to his classes he will be greatly missed forever<3

  3. Kerri Augusto says:

    Like others have noted, it is impossible to remember John and not recall his humor. He was a man who loved to make others smile. But in my memory of John I also recall a tremendous generosity — a generosity of wisdom and a generosity of time. Sitting in his leather wingback chair, John always made others feel as if he had all the time in the world to entertain any question or conversation brought through his door. As a fellow faculty member, I know he was often busy with academic obligations, committee work, and other tasks, but never once did he give the impression that anything was more important than the person sitting across from him asking for his attention and his time. More than once, he helped me with a question about family law, referred me to sources for my own lectures, or provided me with a case to support a point I hoped to make. It is a rare person who can be so genuinely giving of life’s most precious gift. A master teacher and a fine man, my life is richer for having known him.

  4. Kevin Finkelstein says:

    Mr. Dorsey had a tremendous influence on my life and the lives of many other students. His unbelievable wit, amazing personality and incredible sense of humor had such a great impact on everyone who met him. His skills and care as an advisor and mentor were so important to myself and others he helped during his time at Becker. Rest in paradise, Professor Dorsey, you will forever be missed

  5. Raymond Dufort says:

    For me, to meet and to know John Dorsey was to love him. His intellect, humor, and wisdom endeared him to students, colleagues, and many more who crossed his path. So John, let me leave this thought with you, my friend: “To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of youngsters… to leave the world a bit better … to know even one life had breathed easier because you had lived, that is to have succeeded.” Requiescas in pace!

  6. Stephanie Williams says:

    Mr. Dorsey was respected by faculty, staff, and students alike. His sense of humor, his intellect, and his charm will be forever remembered and greatly missed!

  7. Kevin C. Woods says:

    As I posted on John’s office door… “Requiescat in pace”
    May the angels take you to your just reward, and may you watch over us as we continue our work here with the students you cared about so much… and who love you so much. Your Becker Family.
    I will truly miss you my friend.
    Kevin C. Woods
    Chair, Department of Criminal Justice & Legal Studies
    Professor of Criminal Justice

  8. Kelly (Painchaud) Woodland says:

    Mr. Dorsey was the best teacher. He wanted us to “don’t memorize but understand.” If we knew the answer to something he’d say “if anyone asks who your teacher is tell them it’s MR. DORSEY” but if you didn’t know the answer and someone asked who your teacher was you should (as he did in a most animated way) cough or otherwise obstruct your voice and say under your breath, “mr. dorsey.” The stories, jokes, examples, etc. are endless and 7 years after graduation I still hear them in my mind from time to time – I know I always will. He made us all understand for sure…if anyone asks my teacher was MR. DORSEY!!!! So saddened by this.

    Kelly (Painchaud) Woodland
    Class of 2005

  9. Eric Saczawa says:

    John was one of my favorite gentlemen to have a chat with. He could always be counted on for insightful advice, expertise, and especially laughs. I would always poke my head in to say hi when walking by his office, always greeted with warmth and a good wisecrack. Also, I have observed him to be one of the most beloved professors by his students. He will be missed. Rest in Peace.

  10. Chelsea says:

    Love and miss you Professor Dorsey! I have no professor to bother anymore. It will not be the same but I assure you whenever I walk by your office from now on I will always remember you saying “Chels! Your not in jail yet?” No Dorsey not in jail. Watch over us! Rest in paradise.

  11. Bethany Schultz-Poole says:

    I am so saddened to hear of Mr. Dorsey’s passing, he was an amazing teacher. Those of us lucky enough to have had Dr. Dorsey as a professor know how great educators can truly be. I will remember his jokes, I will remember his words of wisdom. He will be missed.

    -Bethany Schultz-Poole
    Class of 2004

  12. John R. Deitrick says:

    John and I have been friends for all of his 40 years at Becker College, and I will miss him dearly. I will particularly his rich, sometimes bawdy, sense of humor. I admire those who can remember jokes and relate them with drama. John was certainly one of those individuals. I learned never to try to compete because I would lose every time. John was a rich part of Becker College.

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