Responsibility and Accountability

Posted by Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D. on 11.07.10 in College Experience, Education, Students

In my four months as president of Becker College, responsibility and accountability are recurring themes in many conversations. In fact, together, they are one of my strategic priorities for moving the College forward. I believe that Becker College is in business, ultimately, for our students, and that makes all of us responsible and accountable.

Our responsibilities to our students include the following:

  • Provide a quality, fully-rounded education
  • Stay in the forefront of meeting the needs of our students
  • Prepare students to become global citizens
  • Develop students to become lifelong learners
  • Provide the maximum return on students’ investment in their Becker College education

Furthermore, as a college, we are responsible for providing quality in academics, student services, facilities and grounds. I have charged not only my leadership team, but every individual employed at Becker College, with being held accountable for contributing to that quality.

Delivering quality requires that those being held accountable must be empowered. This holds true in any organization, and it is the responsibility of leaders to listen for good ideas and to encourage everyone to share their ideas. Not every idea will be a touchdown, but we must listen and keep trying.

At the beginning of the fall semester, I asked my entire staff, “Do we hold ourselves accountable to ensuring that each and every day we wake up trying to figure out how we will help each student to have a transformational experience?”

We are committed to that mission, and I hope that all of you wake up every day and try to figure out how to participate with us in creating a transformational experience.

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7 Responses to Responsibility and Accountability

  1. Steve Newsham says:

    Last night I attended the Becker vs. Newbury College women’s basketball game. My experience can only be described as embarrassing. I was embarrassed for the players, the coach, and for Becker. The coach’s antics on the sidelines were unprofessional, unsportsmanlike, and the poorest example of a role model any adult could muster. The foul language from the coach gave license to the players to mimic the example on the court. The screaming from the coach at the officials throughout the contest was nothing but a distraction. All of this distasteful behavior culminating in the Becker coach throwing a basketball at the referees in anger as the officials exited the gymnasium at game’s end. If further testimony of my experience would be of assistance please feel free to contact me.

    • Mr. Newsham, I appreciate your comment. I regret missing this game. While we want passion in our coaches, we certainly insist on professionalism.

    • Christopher Desnoyers says:

      I too was at that game and heard no foul language.The coach did no more than any other coach would do trying to stick up for thier players when they are being wronged.In no way was she unprofessional.Case in point Karen was not given a technical foul at any point during the game or after the game.It was an extremely physical game on both sides.My daughter plays on the team and I for one am happy coach was trying to look out for her well being.Karen not only looks out for her players on the court but off the court also.Becker college should be thankful of the job she is doing trying to build a program the college can be proud of. If further testimony of the game in question is needed feel free to contact me

  2. Anonymous says:

    “… it is the responsibility of leaders to listen for good ideas and to encourage everyone to share their ideas. Not every idea will be a touchdown, but we must listen and keep trying.”

    I see this reflected in Becker’s new effort to incorporate the ideas and opinions of staff, faculty, and students through their recently formed “A Better Becker” committee! I hope the Becker community will soon see the fruit of what I’m sure amounts to numerous quality ideas and general suggestions.

  3. chris Desnoyers says:

    My daughters experience at Becker has so far been enjoyable but Becker lacks in many many ways.I believe that the president needs to meet students and parents to get thier concerns expressed.I personally have had a hard time finding the right people to express my concerns to.As i said I think that the president of the college should meet with parents and students one on one to discuss thier concerns.I would love to meet with the president! I would love to feel proud that in two years my daughter will be a graduate of Becker.right now i don’t feel it!

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