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Posted by Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D. on 10.29.10 in General

I want to thank students, faculty, staff and the rest of the Becker community for the welcome my family and I have received in our first four months here. Now that my leadership team and I are well underway with priorities to move Becker College forward, I feel I can take the time to open a new line of communication: The President’s Blog. I will be writing periodically about topics of specific interest to current and prospective students and their families and also of general interest, and I invite you to participate in this extension of the Becker College community.

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4 Responses to Welcome to the Becker College President’s Blog!

  1. Devon Bauer says:

    The Leicester Campus has a wider food selection and better quality food to chose from. The Worcester Campus should be extended or perhaps add more food choices. I would enjoy a stir fry section if it could fit in the space.

  2. Samantha Sousa says:

    I wanted to address you about how athletes used to eat for free in the cafeterias on both campuses on game days. I am an athlete myself, during the Fall season, and they took our ability to do that on game days starting this year. The dining services’ substitution to this problem is to give us coolers of sandwiches, chips, and other snacks as a means of eating on our game days, but this is only for away games, how about home games?

    I am graduating this year, however, I think it is an issue that can be addressed for the future athletes.

    • Samantha:

      Thank you for your concern regarding all of our athletes. This is something I will review with the coaches as we prepare to go into the next academic year. I appreciate the hard work that all athletes put in to represent the College and perpetuate our positive image. Your winning spirit and enthusiasm is part of what continues to build Becker pride.

  3. Katelyn Burns says:

    There are mice in the dorms and the traps aren’t doing anything. There needs to be a better solution.

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