A Vision Coming into View

Posted by Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D. on 12.15.11 in College Experience, Core Values, Future, Mission, Vision

In spring 2011, I held small group and online campus conversations that provided an open, inclusive process to inform a shared vision. Our vision defines our long-term view that we strive to achieve:

“Becker College will become a nationally recognized baccalaureate institution, renowned for its values and for its focus on delivering to the world highly educated, responsible citizens, prepared to contribute to a global society and rise to the top of their chosen professions.”

I have announced the College’s vision, mission, and core values to the Becker Community. These principles work in concert to ensure the best possible student experience; it is critical that they are articulated, congruent, embraced, and acted upon by all members of the campus community. I believe we are well on our way.

Our core values, which are fundamental to our success, empower the decision-making process at all levels, provide a matrix for an institutional business model, drive what we do and how we do it, define institutional culture, and influence our reputation.

Please know that throughout the process of establishing our vision, mission, and core values, everyone’s voices have mattered. I am deeply appreciative of the feedback I received and for the dedication and commitment shown to creating an institution second to none. I encourage the Becker community to use them as our guide in the important work we do for our institution—inside and outside the classroom.

Throughout the coming semester, I will address each of our core values here. I encourage you to contribute to these blogs with examples of how you and others demonstrate or exemplify these values.

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One Response to A Vision Coming into View

  1. Jay Lacke says:

    Our mission statement, vision statement, and core goals give the whole Becker College family a valuable compass. One place that I would like to see more stress is on the responsibility of the student to engage in the kinds and amounts of behaviors consistent with educational excellence. Buying the book. Reading the book. Preparing for class. Engaging as an active participant in the classroom. Accepting and committing to the idea that education is an interactive process of engagement with both faculty and fellow students. Just like a football team isn’t going to perform well if, say, it’s center decides to cut the game, neither is the class going to perform well (or at least up to its maximum potential) if a student cuts class, thinking that s/he is the only one who might lose. We are all in this together. As Red Green might say, “Keep your stick on the ice!” (And contribute your mind to your class.)

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