Welcome New Faculty and Staff

Published on Friday, September 4th, 2009

Welcome to Becker! 
The following are new additions to the Becker College faculty and staff.

Academic Affairs 

Janice Berthiaume  Adjunct Faculty, Teachers Education and FamilyStudies
Karen Camargo   Instructor, Nursing
Janet Davis   Adjunct Faculty, Nursing
Margaret Delano   Associate Professor, Veterinary Sciences
Aysenur Gumustekin  Adjunct Faculty, Humaities and Languages
James Kovac   Adjunct Faculty, Accelerated and Professional Studies
Lori Leonard   Adjunct Faculty, Business 
Colleen Shaughnessy Zeena Adjunct Faculty, Humanities and Languages
Maria Vita Calkins  Assistant Dean, Student Academic Support Services

Andrea Belis  Coordinator, Student Athletic Services
Brenda LaRow  Assistant Athletic Trainer
Michael Shroeder Asssitant Soccer Coach
Amanda Wallng  Assistant Volleyball Coach
Accelerated and Professional Studies 

Martin Costello  Adjunct Faculty, Accelerated and Professional Studies
James Kovac  Adjunct Faculty, Accelerated and Professional Studies
Randall Miller  Marketing and Recruitment Manager
Jason Powers  Marketing and Recruitment Manager
Business Office 

Jacqueline Blake Staff Accountant
Richard Naylor  Controller
Equestrian Center

Carolyn Fischer  Barn Staff
Nicole Layne  Assistant to the Director
Helena Quicklund Barn Staff
Food Service 

Angela Erti  Hawks Haven- Leicester
Carolyn Mutell  Food Service Assistant
Matthew Fatcheric Utility Worker

Sean Moodie  Housekeeper
Student Affairs 

Kirsten England  Resident Director
Eric King  Residence Life Coordinator
Megan Markland  Area Coordinator
Jennifer Sneed  Residence Life Coordinator
Amy Porter  Area Coordinator
Veterinary Sciences 

Jennifer Capewell Administrative Assistant
Kristen Mothershed Veterinary Technician
Jonanthan Samuelson Teaching Assistant, Domestic Animal Anatomy and Physiology

Please contact me if anyone has been omitted or if anything has been listed in error. Thank you.