Veterinary Science Student Lands Job, Graduates Double Major with Honors

Published on Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

"Always ready for a challenge," is how Noelani Chase (pictured far left) describes herself. That outlook got her to the Junior Olympics at 17 and has earned her three degrees, all from Becker College. On May 9 Chase graduated with two bachelor degrees in veterinary science: pre-veterinary and clinical medicine; she previously earned an associate degree in veterinary technology.

While attending classes, studying for a double major, and competing on the Becker Hawks equestrian team, the married Chase managed to work part-time and complete required internships. Ready for veterinary school, graduate school, or a full-time job, she found herself waiting. “I applied to veterinary school, but I did not get in, which was expected; it takes most people three to four attempts to be accepted,” she said.

Becker began offering the pre-veterinary option in 2005. “We have only been looking to place students in vet school for a short time, but already have Becker alumni at the University of Tennessee, St. George’s University, and Ross University,” said Paula Northrup, DVM, associate professor of animal sciences at Becker.
“A BS is marketable in many areas of work: biotech, biomedical, health sciences,” said Chase, who has applied to Boston Scientific, Advanced Cell Technologies, and Genzyme. Genzyme is one of several biotech companies that have hired Becker graduates; in many cases, internships lead to permanent employment.

Chase had a few calls from interested employers, but no actual job offers, until just two days before Commencement, when she accepted a position with Boston Scientific.

Characteristically optimistic, Chase sums up her experience, “I have gone from being known as the girl who was really good at riding horses, to the really smart girl, to what? Maybe one day I will be the girl who is really good at her job, or the girl who changed the world!”