Twitter co-creator Dom Sagolla to deliver Becker College commencement address

Published on Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Dom Sagolla, co-creator of Twitter, will deliver the keynote address at Becker College’s 224th commencement ceremony, to be held on Monday, May 14, 2012, at 11:00 a.m., at the Hanover Theatre in downtown Worcester.

Becker College will bestow upon Sagolla an honorary doctorate degree of humane letters for his innovative contributions to the rapidly changing modes of global communication. As one of the pioneer users of Twitter, he helped to challenge and expand the capabilities of a platform that has factored prominently in dramatic and world-changing events. Sagolla was recently awarded the first International Genius Travel Grant by the City of Amsterdam and the Appsterdam Foundation, in recognition of his career and his contributions to the advancement of technology.

“Dedication, hard work, and simple actions change the world; the Becker College Class of 2012 can look to Dom Sagolla’s example,” says President Robert E. Johnson. “Dom conveys what is best about the entrepreneurial spirit, and his achievements have served to create, unite, and inspire a global community.”

As author of the groundbreaking 140 Characters: a Style Guide for the Short Form, Sagolla produced the first writing style guide specifically dedicated to communicating with the succinctness and clarity that the Internet age requires. The book deals with the deluge of information in social media, and how to command an audience using one’s unique voice; it does for Twitter and other short forms, such as text messaging, email, and status updates, what Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style did for good writing via lessons in grammar and composition.

A software engineer in Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom, Sagolla has been in research and development at HP Laboratories, the MIT Media Lab, and Adobe Systems. He helped build Macromedia Studio, Odeo Studio, the original Twitter, and Adobe Creative Suite. He now produces iPhone apps with his company DollarApp in San Francisco. His successes include the official Obama ’08 iPhone App, as well as two iTunes Staff Favorites: Big Words and Math Cards. He is also co-founder and host of iPhoneDevCamp, an international not-for-profit developer community.

Sagolla grew up in New England before attending Swarthmore College, where he earned a degree in English literature in 1996. He earned a master’s in education from Harvard University in 2000.