Tuition and Fees Frozen for 2009-2010

Published on Thursday, April 16th, 2009

The Becker College Board of Trustees approved a zero percent increase in tuition and fees for traditional and accelerated programs, and a zero percent increase in room and board, for the 2009-2010 academic year.

“Increased enrollment has meant a stronger balance sheet,” said Interim President Joseph W. Bascuas, Ph.D. “This was a difficult decision, but it is clearly the right decision. I am confident in the college’s ability to continue to deliver quality, and we will also move forward with planned improvements and new programs.”

Keenly aware of today’s severe economic conditions, trustees discussed options at length, and after careful consideration, approved the freeze.

“Many students of modest means come to Becker College to prepare for a career; not affluent or entitled, they extend themselves financially to make an investment in their future” said board president John Prosser. “As a college of limited means, we identify with our students and their families and must put them first; in this economy, we cannot expect students, who already work long hours to finance their education, to face working extra time to cover increased tuition and fees.”

 Dr. Bascuas went on to explain, “We fully expect expenses to continue to increase, and tuition is primarily how we cover expenses. While the college will need to tighten its belt that is exactly what our students’ families are also doing and what they expect us to do.”

A Council of Independent Colleges survey, completed by The Austin Group, based on 2007-2008 figures, found that Becker College’s tuition is already lower than the median for similar private New England colleges.