Troops Get Treats, Just Like Mom Used to Make

Published on Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

File under “serving those who serve”: the Becker College chapter of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA ) conducted “Treats in Tins for Troops,” a drive for tins of homemade sweets, magazines and other items, that filled more than 30 care packages for the more than 130 troops of the Bravo Company of the 181st Army National Guard Infantry in Afghanistan.

Many friends and strangers answered the call to send the troops a slice of home for the holidays. In addition to the nursing department, donations were made by faculty and staff across campus, community organizations in Northborough and Southborough, Mass., maternity nurses at St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Girl Scouts. Nursing alumna Diane O’Connor ’10 contributed 20 tins herself. Family friends helped spread the word, like Marie Mangan of Hudson, Mass., who baked with friends in her neighborhood. Professor of Nursing Maggie McNeil even inspired a stranger to get in the act; Georgia Delude of Dedham, Mass. decided to contribute after an impromptu conversation with the very persuasive professor.

Professor McNeil took special interest in the Treats in Tins effort. Her son, Capt. Brian McNeil, belongs to the Bravo Company. Capt. McNeil graduated from Becker in 2002. A decorated officer, he has also served one* tour of duty in Iraq.

*We apologize for a previous error in reporting the number of tours of duty Capt. McNeil had served in Iraq. The error was published without a verification from Capt. McNeil.