Snowman Challenge Raises Spirits

Published on Monday, February 14th, 2011

snow king with minionsTS Eliot said that April is the cruelest month, but to cope with multiple snowstorms and the dark days of February, Becker College students and staff are competing in the Snowman Challenge. Since the challenge was laid down on Thursday, February 3, at least seven groups of Becker students and employees on the Worcester and Leicester campuses have braved waist-deep snow to have a bit of fun.

A variety of snow sculptures dot the campuses. Residents of Linden and Davis Halls in Worcester created a battle zone, presided over by a sprawling, red-eyed snow creature. Videogame students designed the ominous robot “Snow King,” and students and staff at the Collaborative Learning Center built themselves an outdoor waiting room, with a snow-sofa and decorated with an area rug, lamp and side table, with a plant and snow-book.

The Office of Student Affairs, in Leicester, outfitted a Becker “snow-fan” in Becker blue, and residents in Hampshire and Berkshire Halls made themselves a snow dog. An adult student, enrolled in the Center for Accelerated and Professional Studies, fashioned an old-school snowman, at home, along with her young sons.

The challenge is in place through February 22, and photos of the creative sculptures are submitted to Pattie Kalinowski, executive assistant to Becker president, Rsnow fanobert E. Johnson, Ph.D.

“I have gotten so many pictures; this could become an annual event,” declared Ms. Kalinowski.

Dr. Johnson introduced the Challenge in a campus-wide email, “With our fifth major snowstorm upon us, it may be difficult to keep spirits up. So, I am inviting the Becker Community, in Leicester, Worcester and Southborough, to do what many generations of the snowbound have done to keep winter blues at bay—build a snowman! Of course, I must include a bit of healthy competition: I am challenging you, the residents and employees of each campus building to come together to build the most creative snowman (or snow woman, animal, object, etc.) you can.”

See more Becker College snow sculptures on flickr.

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