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Published on Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

How to Create Transformational Change: Insights from a College President

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An abridged version of this presentation was offered at the Council of Independent Colleges Annual Chief Academic Officer and Chief Financial Officer Summit in Portland, OR, in November 2014. Comments included:

“Wow! This is exactly what we are facing at my institution. This was the best presentation I have seen at CIC. I wish my President and Deans had seen this.” 

Gain a deep understanding of the process, framework, and strategic tools to deploy at your own institution to drive transformation change. A live case study is offered, with insights from both the President and the Senior Vice President/CFO of Becker College. Against the strong headwinds that higher education faces to its sustainability, Becker is building a model for success: improved retention and graduation rates, elevated admissions standards and expanded geographic reach, steady enrollment growth, strengthened and expanded academic programs, fiscal discipline, and a new, unique core curriculum focused on developing the agile mindset. The Becker model for success delineates how to lead an effective institutional transformation that will pave the pathway to future success.

  • Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D., President, Becker College
  • David Ellis, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and CFO, Becker College
  • Heather McGowan, Strategic Advisor to Becker College President, Co-Founder of Confidant
  • Edward Sirianno, President, Creative Communications Associates, Co-Founder of Confidant


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