Pimsleur Language Programs Is First To Take MassDiGI Reverse Sabbatical

Published on Sunday, April 1st, 2012

The Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI), based at Becker College, announced that Simon & Schuster’s Pimsleur Language Programs is the first company to join the Institute’s Reverse Sabbatical Program. The collaboration brings student teams, faculty, and industry professionals together to work on creative projects in a real game development environment.

The MassDiGI team of student game developers, from Becker College, will apply techniques found in videogame play to develop new tactics to encourage foreign language learners to talk to more people and spend more time practicing.

“Well designed games teach players how to operate very complex systems, taking this knowledge and applying it to learning holds immense potential.  For students who are at the leading edge of game design, working with a great brand is an opportunity to apply fresh concepts and bring inventive products to market,” said Monty Sharma, managing director at MassDiGI.

“MassDiGI provided an incredible experience in bringing innovative ideas to the table,” said Chris Lynch, Executive Vice President & Publisher, Simon & Schuster Audio. “We hope that this combination of student creative energy and Pimsleur’s unique language learning methodology can serve as a model for other successful academic and business partnerships.”

“Simon & Shuster’s Pimsleur is the first among several companies to see the unique value proposition of the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute,” said Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D., president of Becker College and chair of the MassDiGI Advisory Board. “Bringing industry professionals together with new talent, and state government, creates a pipeline between academia and the marketplace that will create jobs and grow the economy. In addition, this will enhance the real-world experience for students in our nationally ranked game design and development program.”