Michael Townsley's Writings

Published on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Ever the wordsmith, Michael Townsley, dean of undergraduate studies at Becker College, has gotten his words published in quite a few publications as of late. Here are a few places you can find his work:

A chapter in “A Practical Guide to Financial Matters” in Academic Turnarounds; a chapter called "Effective Financial Management for At-Risk Colleges and Universities" in Turnarounds; a monograph called "Managing Financial Health at Small Private Colleges” in Still Striving; a monograph in Capital Investment and Debt; a chapter, "Debt Management," in College and University Business Administration; a presentation at Institutional Finance in Tough Economic Times; a presentation at Historic Black Colleges and University Conference sponsored by The Southeastern Education Foundation; development of Long-Term Financial Models for Polytechnic Institute of Namibia, Rosemont College, Georgian Court University; and many blog columns for Strategic Newsletter.