MassDiGI Surveys 120+ Companies, Identifies Hiring Trends, Growth Patterns

Published on Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

massdigi logoThe Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI), based at Becker College, today announced the results of its MA Digital & Video Game Industry Cluster Census & Econometric Survey. The survey concludes that over the span of just three years, the Commonwealth’s digital and video game cluster has expanded at 78% since 2009.

“The digital and video game industry is experiencing significant growth, and Massachusetts is committed to providing tools and resources to build a talented pipeline of skilled students to support the industry,” said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray. “MassDiGI is working closely with the industry to foster this growth, and the survey completed in partnership with the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative has helped to identify companies looking to expand their footprint and continue doing business in Massachusetts.”

The voluntary survey identified 124 companies, organizations and institutions in the state’s games ecosystem which together directly employ 2,041 workers in the Bay State. This is a significant 78% increase over the jobs identified in a 2009 Mass Technology Leadership Council survey. Of the 124 companies, organizations and institutions, 28 have started up since 2010 and 39% plan to hire in the coming twelve months.

“The survey results shine a spotlight on one of the fastest growing, most exciting and creative segments of the Massachusetts innovation economy,” said Timothy Loew, executive director of MassDiGI. “The local game industry clusters across Massachusetts are healthy and vibrant and are poised to grow over the coming year.”

This first annual survey found 63% of respondents self‐identified as game developers. Other respondents identified themselves as publishers, middleware/tools developers, retailers, professional service providers, educational institutions, interactive media, sole proprietors or some mixture of roles.

Based on the data gathered, MassDiGI estimates that the segment’s salary and benefits totaled $234,204,750 and has helped support an additional 5,307 indirect employees. Notably, of the respondents, 51% create products for the mobile games space, the fastest‐growing platform in the game industry, while 45%, 35% and 13% work on web, desktop and console platforms, respectively.

“The broad strength that extends from mobile to online to console game development speaks highly of the diversity of the companies and the quality of the talent in the state,” said Loew.

“Strong game development talent, be it in engineering, art or design, has been critical to HitPoint’s success and Massachusetts has as deep a talent pool in all these disciplines,” commented Paul Hake, president of Hatfield‐based independent game developer, HitPoint Studios. “With the array of top notch schools in Boston, Worcester and Western Mass, we’ve found the talent we’ve needed to grow.”

MassDiGI will be available to discuss the survey at the Boston Festival of Independent Games on September 22 in Cambridge.

About MassDiGI

Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI) is a statewide center, designated by the Commonwealth, for academic cooperation, economic development, and job creation in the Massachusetts digital games cluster. Based at Becker College in Worcester, MassDiGI is the result of innovative collaboration among academia, state government, and industry, aimed at fostering the growth of the creative economy in Massachusetts. In addition, MassDiGI is a U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA) University Center.

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