Game Development Grad Also Makes Movies

Published on Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

As you read this, imagine your favorite larger than life soundtrack in the background, and you will have an idea of what Nicholas Allain’s (pictured far right with fellow grads and Terrasa Ulm, third from right, instructor of game design) demo reel is like. A collection of computer game scenes and animation flash by to the pulsing drums and suspense-building brass section of compositions by French artist Butterfly Tea.

Fans, friends, and future employers can view the reel on Allain’s website,, a must for students and graduates of interactive media fields, and he has plenty to showcase. In addition to work on a number of games to his credit, Allain, of Charlton, Mass., is a co-founder of and producer for Broken Wall Films, the collective that premiered the full-length independent feature, “Something Remote” earlier this year.

"Game developers and artists in other design fields must have a website with a digital portfolio in addition to printed media in order to attract prospective employers; it’s become standard practice," said Paul Cotnoir, chair of the Bachelor of Arts in Design programs at Becker College.

The industrious Allain, who says he has to schedule time for rest, is among the first group to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in interactive entertainment from Becker College, in May 2009. He and his Broken Wall associates are working on a business plan to start an Internet television company, but that venture requires investors.

Using his technical skills, many self-taught, Allain has maintained a part-time job at Harrington Hospital since 2007, writing computer scripts for Microsoft Excel that compared, computed, and reorganized data so that it could be read by the hospital’s Meditech software. He is also self-employed as a web designer and does computer repair.

“I’ve been applying to jobs to play things safe,” said Allain. “The job search has been much more difficult than I expected. Luckily there are a lot of resources through the college and the Internet that give me a better shot at finding a job in the game industry.”

Click here to see some of Allain’s work, and that of other Becker game development students.