Endgame Anthology Publishes the Work of Becker Students, Alumni, and Faculty

Published on Friday, February 24th, 2017

What would a video game look like if it were translated into a purely narrative form?

This is the premise behind the first volume of the Endgame Anthology, a collection of  writing by Becker College students, alumni, and faculty of the Interactive Media Design program, led by Jonathan Rudder, instructor of interactive media and digital media fellow at Becker. Rudder is also an independent publisher. The book is available at the Becker College Bookstores and on Amazon.com.

Endgame began as a contest in one of Rudder’s classes. Growing beyond the classroom, alumni and faculty were invited to contribute, and submissions for Volume 2 have been expanded to include Becker staff as well.

An award-winning fine artist/illustrator, Scott Niemi, associate professor of design at Becker, contributed the book’s cover art. He completed his formal education at Florida Atlantic University where he earned a M.F.A. in Visual Art, focusing on painting and drawing. He has participated in many shows both on the national as well as the local level.  His work can be seen in the corporate collections of the Oak Brook Bank (Oak Brook, Ill.), the Essex Inn (downtown Chicago), the Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts (Plantation, Fla.), UMass Ambulatory Center (Worcester, Mass.) and Clinton Hospital (Clinton, Mass.), among others.  He has work in hundreds of private collections, ranging from Beverly Hills to Australia.  In addition to The School Street Art Studios (Gardner, Mass.) where he maintains an active studio, his artwork can be found at The Boulder Art Gallery (Fitchburg, Mass.) and at Collins Artworks (Clinton, Mass.). He resides in southwestern New Hampshire.

Meet the Authors

Connor Boyd

Boyd’s love of reading blossomed in second grade with Redwall and Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone, and grew to encompass fantasy in all its forms by his first year of high school. He’s most heavily influenced by the works of R.A. Salvatore, Terry Goodkind, and Robert Jordan, and plans to continue writing after his 2016 graduation from Becker College with a B.A. in Interactive Media Design.

Max Dagesse

Dagesse graduated from Becker College with a B.A. in Interactive Media Design. He learned to read at the age of four and quickly developed a particular interest in the genre of science fiction, an interest that only grew when his father introduced him to Star Wars. Throughout his school career, he practiced his talents as a writer and developed his interests in a wide variety of media, especially video games. This particular interest became a driving motivator in terms of career choice, as he decided that he wanted to be a part of the process that would bring entertainment to the next generation, in the same way that  it was brought to him. Currently, Max lives at home in Rockland, Mass., working on a number of different personal projects in his spare time.

Karen Layman

Fabric store employee by day and writer by night, Layman graduated from Becker College with a B.A. in Interactive Media Art and Design. When she isn’t cutting fabric and practicing her “retail voice,” she’s most often found cackling over plot twists or banging her head against the keyboard in frustration. Her favorite book is The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster, and her favorite shirt reads “Careful, or you’ll end up in my novel.” Her other hobbies include drawing, costuming, and dreaming big.

Shiva Mendonca

Originally from Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, Mendonca moved to Worcester, Mass. to attend Becker College. Graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2016 with a B.A. in Interactive Media: Video Game Design and a minor in Creative Writing, he moved to Fort Collins, Col. on a whim, where he now lives and works. Drawn to literature before he could even read by himself, his parents ensured that a book was never out of reach. Devouring books as he grew older, Mendonca’s work has always taken inspiration from the likes of Terry Brooks, David Eddings, and Christopher Paolini. Presently involved with his work as a digital marketer, he spends his free time writing, with the intent of eventual publication and a full-time writing career.

Jonathan M. Rudder

Rudder graduated with a B.A. in English from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fla. He and his brother, Douglas, are co-publishers and managing editors of RudderHaven, based in Granite City, Ill. Inspired at an early age by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, Jonathan became an avid reader—and later writer—of fantasy and science fiction. He served for almost nine years as the copyeditor, writer, and official Tolkien lore-expert for the award-winning MMO “The Lord of the Rings Online”™ by Time Warner/Turbine Inc, finishing his career there as a content designer. Currently, Rudder dedicates most of his time to his family, RudderHaven, and teaching in the fifth highest-rated game design degree program in the world, located at Becker College.

Melissa Smith

Smith graduated with a B.A. in Computer Game Design from Becker College in Worcester, Mass. She has always been an avid lover of writing, first working in poetry, before moving on to the realm of short stories. Though an avid player of all video game genres, she has a particular fondness for old-school point-and-click games the likes of “The Secret of Monkey Island” and “Grim Fandango” and feels this has influenced her writing style. The biggest influence in her life and work is the boundless imagination of the late Sir Terry Pratchett. Currently, she works as a special education paraprofessional at an elementary school in her hometown. In her spare time she continues to write and hopes to complete her own adventure game one day.