Dr. Mark Taylor Visits on Accepted Students Day

Published on Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Becker College brings Dr. Mark Taylor, noted expert on the needs of today’s college students and their parents, to speak at Accepted Students Day, Tuesday, April 17 on the Leicester campus. Dr. Taylor will engage Becker’s newest class and their guests in making the transition to college.

Dr. Taylor has an exciting perspective gleaned from more than twenty-five years of experience in higher education, management and the helping professions. He has observed the characteristics unique to different generations that factor in how students respond in class and how connected parents are to campus life. His style is thoughtful and humorous and the data he reveals is eye-opening.

“The products of a postmodern, consumer driven culture, Generation NeXt presents special challenges to the purposes, structures and methods of colleges and universities; challenges complicated by the generational differences between these young people and the Traditionals, Baby Boomers and Xers who predominate faculty and staff,” he says.

According to Dr. Taylor, beginning with Sesame Street, many of today’s students have “been led to believe that education is supposed to be entertaining, easy, and fun.” He goes on to advise the parents of these students to “expect the unexpected” and “encourage independence.”